My current WIPS

Good morning!  I thought I would share what I am currently working on. As I am one to get bored quickly, I like to work on a few things at the same time.

I drew up a design for the nursery for baby number 3 due January 2016, where hopefully everything decoration-y will be crocheted.


So everything you see here except for the furniture will be made by my two hands, yarn and a hook. This is the plan as long as I can get the tree trunk and branches to stay on the walls.



Fibi the Fox and Lupo the Lamb make up 2/3 of the Lalylala collection in the nursery. Paul the Toadstool will complete it and then some cute little acorns and little toadstools will complement the feel of it.


This crochet rug is almost finished but has been pushed aside a few times to make way for new projects.  It will probably be finished when it’s 120cm.


Among thosw things I like to work on some leaves as they work up quickly and break up the ‘monotony’ of bigger pieces. It’s not a bad monotony because I love crochet ;).

I am pretty sure that’s all I’ve got going on my hook nursery related. Baby brain and a bad memory seem to work well together… not lol. However I still have a few more items that need making to complete the look I am going for.

About two weeks ago I started a rainbow hexagon blanket inspired by the lovely Ryane from @olivesandpickles on Instagram.  This blanket will be for Mr C who just turned 3 last month.


He loves his colours, I couldn’t decide on what to make him and I had wanted to make a hexi blanket for a while = perfect answer to what I needed 😄.

I have seen a few of the people I follow on Instagram make the Spice of Life blanket and I caught the bug on Friday night and decided on my colours. 



I’ve done a few more rows since taking this photo this morning and am having a break as we have friends over. My hands will most likely be shaking from withdrawals later today though.

I just finished hooking this beautiful baby blanket during the week. So lovely and soft.


As you can see I have a thing for colour. And that little obsession will probably never end. Till my next post which will be the Minecraft blanket pattern (I promise) with a few photos to help. Xo

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