Rainbow Hexi Blanket aka Mr C’s blankey

A week ago I finished Mr C’s blankey and it turned out just as I had hoped it would. Colourful and bright!  Well that’s a given with rainbows isn’t it. Below are a few photos of this finished ‘masterpiece’ as it’s quite like a piece of art, and from a distance the colours seem to work really well together. Needless to say I am more than happy with how it turned out.


Bright and colourful, just like every rainbow.


Have I mentioned before that I love colour?


And of course, the photo of the blankey on the chair. It had been raining for a few days and had finally stopped just as I finished this blanket, so I quickly ran outside to get this shot.

I drew inspiration from Ryane @olivesandpickles on Instagram.  Her feed is amazing with these unbelievable hexi blankets.  Go and check her out. She does sell a pattern too if you’re wanting to make your own one.

I used 8ply (dk) yarn purchased from Big W and Spotlight and my favourite 5mm hook. I designed the layout first before starting to crochet.  And used the join as you go method again for this blanket.


The layout of the rainbow hexi.


I started by making the first couple of rows.


Then I couldn’t help myself and had to crochet the other xolours to see what they would look like together.


I just love how this blanket looks once the half hexis are crocheted and joined.


I honestly felt like this blanket was taking me forever to do. I finished it within three weeks, the same amount of time it took me to do the Minecraft Blanket (which is over double the size).


I will finish the post with this photo. Yep, I do love how this turned out. Maybe almost as much as Mr C does….maybe.

*** UPDATE 20th JUNE 2017 ***
Here is a photo of the ‘wrong’ side so you can see the joins.  Keep in mind it’s a very loved blanket lol. Hence the pilling lol.

00 Charlie blanket

8 Comments on “Rainbow Hexi Blanket aka Mr C’s blankey

  1. This is wonderful! I’m definitely going to try making one for my little guy. What yarn brand and colors did you use?


    • Hi Caitlin, I used Marvel 4 Season and Carnival yarn which are available from Spotlight and Big W respectively in Australia. I can’t remember the exact colours off the top of my head sorry 😦


  2. Are you able to post a picture of the “wrong” side of this blanket. I would like to know how the joining looks on that side.


    • Hi Amanda, unfortunately I have not!! But there are patterns out there for it. I just look it up on Pinterest, crochet hexagon blanket border etc. Thank you so much xo


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