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Crochet Crown Pattern

Hello fellow hookers! I’ve been meaning to post this pattern for a long time.ย  I had even taken a photo of the pattern I’d previously written, which I searched everywhere for to not avail… one of my pattern books is MIA lol. There are many variations for this easy pattern and every time I crochet a crown, it changes hmm. So in saying that, you can pretty much change stitches for different effects.


So here is the pattern for this particular crown.

When working out how many centimetres or inches to make the chain which determines the base of the crown, you can either measure the circumference, or use a crochet chart with measurements HERE. Say for example 43cm is William’s circumference, I would chain 41cm, making sure the chains you crochet is about 2cm/1 inch smaller than the circumference. This allows for the crown to stretch and fit cosy on the head and not be too big. Pattern written in US terms.


*8 ply / dk yarn – scraps will do, depending on how big the circumference is, 50g is more than plenty.
*4mm hook
* Scissors
* Yarn needle

You can use whichever yarn and hook size go together. This is just what is readily available in Australia. Your number of chains will differ slightly.


For Will’s crown, I crocheted a chain of 67. Joined with a slip stitch to the back of the 1st chain. See photo below.


Ch1, hdc in same st as slip stitch, hdc in each stitch around, making sure you crochet into the back of the chain, not the front side. It creates a nice neat edge with no holes. Slip stitch to first hdc made. (If you wanted a thicker band, you could opt to crochet dc, or tr for these rows) When you are just about finished making the first round of hdc’s, either count how many you have already made, so you know how many you have left to go. As I found, I was making an extra hdc into the back of the first one I’d made. Here you can see 3 back loops, however you don’t crochet into the 3rd one (which is part of what you’ve already done, hope that makes sense) See photo below.


2. Ch1, hdc in same st, hdc in each stitch around, join with sl st. (for this example 67 sts)

3. Ch5 (counts as tr and ch1), sk st, *tr in next st, ch1, sk st*, repeat around, finishing with tr in the last st which is directly next to the ch5. Join with sl st.

4. (sc, dc, tr, {picot – ch1, sl st to front loop of tr just made}), in first ch1 space, (tr, dc, sc) in next ch sp, sl st in next ch sp, so *[(sc, dc, tr, picot) in next sp, (tr, dc, sc) in next sp], sl st in next st* repeat around, finishing with a sl st to 1st sc. Fasten off and weave in ends. This creates 11 points.

I tried really hard to make the design finish without having 2 tr’s at the back of the crown but nothing I tried worked. So my ocd was ignored quite difficultly whilst writing this pattern.

I will write up the other pattern to the larger crown when I can get a few minutes and I remember. Basically the possibilities are endless. I have other designs in the works to share with you soon too. Nothing flash, just a little different.


Pattern to come for photo above. Enjoy and happy hooking. Look forward to seeing what you make, if you have Instagram please #theloopystitch #theloopystitchcrown or share you photo/s on my Facebook page – The Loopy Stitch Crochet Designs. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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