Happy Belated 2017

Eeeew wow! It’s almost the end of January, but it’s better late than never, right? Happy New Year hehe. Unfortunately I don’t have too much to report as I’ve been super busy behind the scenes of crocheting, being mum and having the children home for school holidays. BUT today my eldest starts Year 2!! I don’t know who is more excited; him or me? lol.

I have been trying this new thing called a Bullet Journal. I want to get back on top of things, housewife/mother sort of stuff. And this amazing little journal is helping me do just that. I have had it for just over a week and it’s amazing. You can put absolutely anything in it. Kind of like my brain/memory really. My house is staying clean, and I’m on top of things! There is so much I want to do with this little book.


If you haven’t heard of one, I highly recommend looking them up on Pinterest or Instagram. Speaking of Instagram, I have created a new account for just that, my account is @bulletjournalmum. There aren’t many posts, but I’m learning and hope that I can inspire others out there.


I can’t wait to do a crochet related list!! Who doesn’t love lists? Seeing everything right there in one spot!

In the coming months I hope to release my first cal!! So keep posted. I’ll put a photo below of what it looks like in this point in time…. it’s still to grow though 🙂


Best getting going now and pack the kids into the car!! Have a wonderful week wherever you are and I hope you are hooking madly xo

10 Comments on “Happy Belated 2017

  1. Those bullet journals are cool. They’re all over Pinterest and many scrapbookers are really into them. And! I can’t WAIT for your CAL!!!!


  2. My niece was just telling me yesterday about bullet journals! Looks like a good idea! Also I can’t wait for the release of your CAL, it looks stunning so far!! x


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