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Yarn that I’m loving at the moment!

Some time last year, I purchased my first ever supply of DMC yarns. I have the DMC Natura Just Cotton (4 ply / fingering weight) and DMC Natura Just CHUNKY!!

Since then, it’s been the main yarn on my hook. I love working with cotton, it would have to be my favourite type of yarn to work with without a doubt.

The chunky yarn works up so quick and we all know that’s an added bonus, sometimes crocheting anything feels like it takes an eternity to do. But with this yarn it’s a breeze. I also love the fact that I work in a bigger hook too. It always feels so different to begin with, but once I’m in that rhythm, it becomes the norm. It has a lovely appearance and pattern of the ply once it has been hooked. Kind of like mini rope without the spiral. I’m probably not making any sense now. Β Below is a photo I think I’ve shared before but I love that you can see how soft it is in this photo.


P.s I’m a shocker when it comes to reading, I’m like ‘Yes I want this book, I’ll read it, and then I’ll get this one and that…’ but by the time I actually get around to reading anything, it’s bedtime and I usually get one paragraph in (If I’m lucky) before I start nodding off and the book starts to fall and hit me in the face. So, nope, haven’t finished this book either, or ‘The Wrong Girl’ or An Doh’s book πŸ™ I hope to be able to finish reading a book one day soon. Anyway, back to crochet related stuff.


So I just mentioned the CHUNKY yarn, now it’s time to take a moment and mention it’s cousin, Just Cotton: The most, dainty, wonderful silky cotton I have worked with. It doesn’t get all fluffy after a while, has the most wonderful stitch definition, holds the stitches beautifully and the colours it comes in 😍😍😍😍😍 is like going to heaven. If you have yarn in your heaven 😜.

Obviously, it takes a bit longer to crochet with this yarn because of the weight and hook size, I really prefer a 3.75mm hook with it, it feels just right. It does recommend a 3 on the packaging, but I’m a rebel. Sometimes. Not often lol. I have something I really want to make in this yarn. I only just designed the pattern, now I have to choose the colours, which for someone who is VERY indecisive will take me forever. I’ll share some photos of what I’ve made in this most glorious and luscious yarn.


This is my newest pattern, ‘Cora’, you can purchase her hereΒ if you want to.


I can’t wait to reveal these blankets to you. This is some of my sneaky crochet work I’ve been doing. Seriously though, look at those colours! They are just amazing.




Last week I actually used my Ikea Raskog trolley for the first time! I have had it for over 4 months now. I quickly put my DMC stash in it while William was sleeping, well, then he woke up and I rushed to get this photo and then hid the trolley. He loves to push everything and anything around. It doesn’t have to have wheels. So that’s why I have taken so long to use it. The thought my son running around the house pushing my stash lol. I can’t deal with that lol.

So as you can see, not much else has been on my hook except DMC cotton for the last few months. At night time, when the children are in bed and before I start falling asleep on the lounge, I’m crocheting with Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton. That yarn, is the softest cotton I have worked with, like butter, but you couldn’t really crochet with butter. But that’s what it’s like on my hook. I also love that. My CAL (crochet a long, once I get myself all up to date and organised) is made of itΒ πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„. Here’s a photo of that just because I can lol.


School holidays is still going for one more week here, so once the children and I am back in our normal routine, I plan to knock a few things of my wip list and get the ball started on this one. (p.s this is not a finished photo, about halfway) Wish you could feel how soft that cotton is.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who often decides on what sheets, towels, items of clothing, OBVIOUSLY YARN to buy on how something feels lol. Very tactile and texture-y. lol. I’m hoping to start blogging a little bit more regularly too with more frequent free patterns and tips and tricks and techniques. Don’t judge me, I’m no expert, just sharing what I know and how I do things crochet related. Till my next post, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. HAPPY HOOKING!!

Em xoxoΒ πŸ€—

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