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A bit about what I’ve been doing…

Howdy doody! It’s me again… well obviously. I have this goal to post more often and if possible even regularly. But most of the time I feel as though I have nothing to say. And then as it turns out, once I get on a roll, I sometimes can’t shut myself up lol. (This could be due to the lack of adult interaction I have haha). So in saying all of this… I’m going to take baby steps to try and be more interactive and post more. Even if it it’s once a week, I’m winning!!

I always get a bit overwhelmed with where I begin… so I’ll try and take myself back to just after my last post, my Instagram account will jog my bad memory. **Runs off to find phone and look up Instagram**…..

…. I have the perfect photo to start with what I’ve been up to… hehe


See! I told you it was perfect. So I needed to take some photos of some sneaky crochet work that I’d been doing and Willybum certainly wasn’t let me going to do it without a fuss. In the end I got what I needed done and we were all happy because I got lots of cuddles and so did he lol.

A few years back before I picked my hook back up, I was a little addicted to succulents. Maybe a little more than a little addicted but shhh don’t tell anyone, because apparently you can’t kill them.. but I pretty much did. BUT there is good news… the ones I didn’t kill, I looked after on a minimal level and they are still alive and growing. I’d been thinking about propagating some and increasing my succulent stash. (Say that 10 times over really quick, Succulent stash succulent stash.. gee even typing it over and over is hard haha) So I finally went and picked some leaves (I don’t know the proper terminology) and ta da…..


This was two weeks ago and this (below is today)…


IT GREW, well most of the leaves I picked have… Pity they are almost all off the same plant, but that doesn’t matter. I’m wanting to increase my indoor plants anyway, I currently have none lol. Does anyone have recommendations for indoor plants? I’m in Queensland, Australia in the land down under… would love to hear of any.

So apart from literally watching my leaves grow ‘pups’ and checking them everyday, a few times a day, most of the family has been sick and is finally almost back to being well again. (That week was a very long one).

Since my last post, I also received my very first Wolltraum yarn!! Yep you read correctly, very first. And let me tell you, it’s divine and amazing and I love it! Here’s what I got…


It’s beautiful isn’t it! I told you so. More than beautiful and I just happen to be making my Winifred Shawl from the smaller cake (I am up to my second colour in it, love how it changes). Here’s a photo I took when I started….


The chai latte and biscuits were yummy. I eventually got to eat them haha. It’s hard to crochet and eat at the same time when you are in a good rhythm. Food can wait. Crochet comes first lol.

Last year, I joined in to make a Mandala – A – Day! Needless to say, I didn’t keep up with it unfortunately as life got a little busier then… but I have decided to release one of my patterns. I got inspiration from my Winter Pyjamas and tried my best to make a mandala out of them. Here’s the mandala….


Luckily I searched the entire house, looked in all my secret stashes and nooks and crannies and finally found the finished piece because I had not written the entire pattern down. It tends to happen when I get on a good roll. So I plan to release this pattern very soon too. I will probably release Winifred first though. Just so you know.

That pretty much sums up everything I can tell you about. Secret crochet stuff will have to wait till another day.

But wait, I want to quickly tell you about my latest thing on Instagram… Well it’s not MY thing but something I will be doing hopefully weekly and that’s sharing my CROCHET CRUSH!!!

The very first Crochet Crush I shared was Mandy from @crochetbyredagape :O if you haven’t checked out her account, then you need to stop reading now and go and have a sneaky peek. Trust me, you will be amazed! She has a blog too. Here’s the link to it…ENJOY

I shall leave you at that whilst I go and finish a test piece that I’m doing. Enjoy your weekend and I hope you get lots of hooking time. Have a wonderful night/day/etc.

EDIT – I was just about to post this then remembered I was meant to tell you that I’ve added a crochet chart to my Cora Pattern. So now it comes with written instructions, step-by-step photos and a chart. I’ll leave you with a photo because I love the pattern ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for reading my post xox0

Happy Hooking,
Emily xoxo

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