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Look after yourself!

Last Wednesday I went in for an ultrasound on my breasts. After months of pain (which worsened in time) thinking it was just hormones I finally asked told my doctor and he sent me to get it checked. Turns out there is a lump there which sticks out a bit more than normal. So tomorrow I go off for a biopsy and find out whether it’s benign or malignant.

I want to share this with you to bring awareness to ourselves. It’s often that we tend not to listen to our bodies, more so when we have children (because we’re too busy looking after them), we tend to put ourselves last. So if there’s something concerning you, please go and get it checked out, even if there isn’t anything concerning you, check yourself or spread the word to family and friends for them to do the same.

I’ve had my ups and downs and debated whether or not I should share this, but I don’t think it’s something that should be hidden or dealt with secretly. Even if one of you listens and gets a check up I feel like I’m bringing awareness to ourselves and hope that it helps in the slightest.

Now you know the reason behind why I am not really in the mood for crocheting, sometimes I can just sit there and zone out for a bit, other times I try and keep myself distracted by being busy doing things around the house.

But to leave you on a positive note… TOMORROW (YES TOMORROW) I will be giving away a copy of Marianne’s book Colorful Crochet (Australia wide only sorry). So stay tuned for that post.

(I have to have a photo of something crochet related here lol xoxo)


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