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Succulents and Propagation

This morning I was gazing into the beauty of that which is my succulents. Bathing in what now is the Winter sun and trying to keep warm. Oh that was me, not the succulents lol. It’s a bit fresh this morning and is officially the first day of Winter.

A couple of weeks ago a read a blog post by Needles + Leaves on Succulent Propagation. And from gaining the knowledge in the post, I was able to recognise that my succulents were in DESPERATE (caps intended) need of propagation. I went to grab my kitchen scissors because I don’t own gardening ones as I’m also growing my green thumb. Got my trusty paper towel and after looking everywhere for something suitable for them to callous on, I ended up using a couple of cardboard boxes lol.

Callous you beautiful things you!

I’ve admired many succulent mandalas on Instagram and Pinterest and have always wanted to make one. Today was that day! With 2/3 of my boys sitting on the sideline, watching Mummy carefully place each and every leaf in the exact spot and cringing every time was one accidentally knocked, the succulent mandala was complete.

Succulent Mandala 

It’s nothing like the amazing ones on social media but what is more amazing is the fact that hopefully each and every leaf will produce pups. New life, new beginnings, new plants and it only cost me about half an hour from leaf extraction to photograph.

If you are inspired like I was, and what to know more about Succulent Propagation, head on over to Needles + Leaves. They also have a beautiful Instagram account, ahh the inspiration and beauty overload makes my heart flutter.

So here are some more happy snaps of these amazing, (yes she said that word again) but I’m too excited to look up ‘amazing’ on lol. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did taking them.




Does anyone know what this one is called and how/where it grows pups?

Aren’t they just beautiful plants!!


Look at all the new life I hold in my hand!

I do have more photos, but they are basically the same as these but slightly different angles. I mean, I do take a lot of photos to find the one I love the most.

Much love,
Em xo

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