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‘Home Decoration in Crochet’ Book Review

The time has come for my day of Tanya’s blog tour and I was very honoured to be a part of it.

Home Decoration in Crochet is Tanya’s first book and it does not disappoint! With 25 designs to make it is hard to decide on what should be on your hook first. I just love flicking through the book imagining all the pieces in my house, made in colours that would compliment it.


Inside the book you’ll find written instructions complimented by gorgeous colourful charts and beautiful photos showing off each pattern. There is definitely something for everyone inside the cover of this book.

I can see myself making so many projects from this book and with Christmas just around the corner, I know I have some presents sorted out already.  There are projects that are nice and quick for the last minute ideas if you need any.

I believe that crochet still has a stigma surrounding it that it’s for old women and an old-fashioned craft. Well let me tell you that that stigma is far from the truth especially when it comes to Tanya’s book. Beautiful modern designs for every room of the home.

So apart from reviewing the book I started to make some motifs from Granny Motif Cushion which you can see below. I look forward to seeing the cushion complete.

I am a bit in love with these colours at the moment. They are not my usual choice to make something in but I really think this cushion is going to pop.

If you are wanting to order Tanya’s book then click this link and I know you’ll be pleased with your purchase. It is being released November 15.


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