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The Year That Was

There are only a few more days left of 2017 so I thought it would be a good idea to look back at the makes of this year. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like nothing much was achieved, but when you see it like this, you know your fingers were busy and even smoking at times.


Well I was still busy doing secret crochet for my book back then so could never reveal too much about it all. All but one of these photos are items in my book. See the top right photo, that was my very first bullet journal. I have never loved a piece of stationery so much (I am a wee bit obsessed with stationery, just buying it really). I cannot wait for my next one to arrive. They are great for everything, especially crochet related things.



In February I was still in that ‘I really want to be organised’ phase and am sad to report that my ‘What’s my wip?’ list never saw any more additions or edits. It was a big milestone too for reaching 25000 followers, something I never thought my sharing the love I have for crochet would never do. My free Ada square was made way back then. Gee this year has REALLY flown by, I know I have been saying it a lot, but it really has lol. There’s a few projects that made it into the ‘reject’ pile 🙁 it’s funny how you like something, then the next day you don’t.



March saw me rounding things up for the book. Well crocheting them anyway. I love the middle photo. My Garden Rows cushion was a design that I really wanted to make beautiful and a lot of frogging was involved. I’m pretty chuffed with how it turned out.



April – wow. I began designing the Winifred Shawl in my favourite colour combination from Stylecraft Special DK yarns. It looks a bit different because it was the prototype and I felt it was a bit busy in the last rows, so I changed it up. April was also the month I made the Cora Granny Square. I love this little simple square so much. The little popcorn stitches add the perfect amount of detail and texture to such a simple piece.



I was so very lucky to receive a copy of Marianne’s book ‘Colourful Crochet’ and review it.  I chose the beautiful shawl made up of lots of little flowers and I enjoyed making it so much. I also tested a pattern for another fellow crocheter, Margaret. It’s the doily ‘Coronation Doily’ in the second photo.



I caught the succulent bug in June… unfortunately, after making them, I placed them on window sills in my house and they have since not really done very well as they like a lot more sun than they were getting. Courtney one of my testers, finished a baby blanket using Cora squares and turned it into an amazing rainbow!!! It’s an eye-catching piece.



Succulent obsession still present in July lol but they were growing haha. I finished my Winifred Shawl woo hoo and started the cake version. I also thought I was making way with my Cora headboard… little did I know that months later, I would turn it into a cushion and change the base colour to moonstone.



Cora Granny Square transformed into a hexagon!! I also really love this, ok I love a lot of things don’t I! It was also the month of Granny Square Day 2017. Ooh look, I have had my kitchen curtains for that long now!! I enjoyed working with chunkier yarn. Check out Courtney’s shawl!!! :O



Remember Connie’s Ray of Hope? A beautiful mandala for a beautiful cause. I designed it in September and it was released early October. I had fun with my first crochet-along and will be doing more next year. MIDDLE PHOTO —- my book 😀 I received the first copy and was thrilled with how it all turned out. Ooh there’s my Cora cushion 😀 it’s not allowed to be used until I have made my Cora headboard lol. Let’s hope that that is next year.



I was lucky again to receive another book to review from a fellow crocheter, Tanya. I made the Granny Motif squares in such striking colours. I love this combo. It’s different to my usual ones. I enjoyed making the French Market Bag for my mum’s birthday present, the yellow is eye catching and easy to find lol.



I finally finished my cake version of the Winifred Shawl and made a cute Starflake pattern. My little model had a blast posing for me one afternoon. I’ll never forget it lol.



I set myself a goal to make my sister a lapghan. I’d promised her many times that I would make her something… but other projects jumped the queue. Okay, I’m going to use that word again. I LOVE how it turned out. I’m writing the pattern up for it soon to be released next year. I also purchased Jane’s LoveBomb pattern to raise money for her to get a new wheelchair. I hope she isn’t too far away from her goal. I decided to finally add step-by-step photos to my free dream catcher pattern and made the most of making Arthur’s teacher a present. These colours are just lovely together. I also got my first ‘stack’ photo. Two things have now been gifted so technically it’s not a stack anymore lol. I had fun making a tree from some of my designs. Something a bit different and unique.



How cool does it look like this!! Well that’s a wrap. I have had such an amazing year crochet wise and look forward to what next year brings, I have already started my crochet goal list. I hope you are enjoying your holidays and get to be hooking every quiet moment you have.


Much love and happy hooking,
Em xoxo

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