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Not too long ago I was asked by the UBER talented Shelley from Spincushions if I could make up a square from her upcoming new book, Granny Square Flair. Let me tell you how hard it was to choose ONE to make…I’ll put it into ways which I KNOW you’ll understand.

Let’s set the scene. It’s just any other regular day and you receive this envelope in the mail. It’s addressed to you without the sender details or return address. You wonder what it could be. Slowly ripping it open, you notice it’s a gift card for your most favourite yarn shop. However… there’s no amount specified… Yep UNLIMITED YARN, that’s like every crazy hooker’s dream (back me up here, I know you’re all just like me). So there you are, out the front of your house, jumping up and down, squealing like a kid in a candy store…. That was the easy part (being asked to make a square).

The day arrives where you find yourself and only you surrounded by walls and walls of yarn. Squishy goodness which you’d love to bathe in (not literally, but lie in a bath full of it) oooh the hard part has finally made an appearance.

So you have this unlimited amount on your card… what do you do? Choose one of each? A couple of your most favourite ones? Only new yarn? Ahhh the possibilities are endless. So by now, you know that in real life I absolutely struggle with decisions ESPECIALLY when it comes to choose yarn and patterns lol.

Let’s get back to reality… I was sitting there scrolling over my options. Scrolling over and over and over, trying to select just a few. It really is like buying yarn lol. Then out it jumped and whacked me in the face (ok that didn’t literally happen, but at least it would have been soft though because it’s made from cotton). I had found the pattern I would make… And all at once I knew what yarn to make it in. Since when does that happen so easily? SO I knew it was meant to be. Fate. The square had chosen me and the yarn to make it in. I call that WINNING. lol.

Enough babbling… it’s time to show you my squares… and once I receive a copy of her book. I’ll be reviewing it and that means…. MORE SQUARES (I’ll deal with the new struggle of choosing which ones to do first when that time presents itself).

Wow my brain is definitely much more creative in the morning. I’m listening to my boys, all three of them playing on the trampoline and outside doing goodness what, but they are getting along and it’s not 7am yet. I pity my neighbours sometimes haha.

Without anymore babble here are my squares… you can just imagine how amazing this book is going to be…

Both Tarndie 2Tarndie 2.1Tarndie 2.2Tarndie 2.420180314-DSC_0500

So stay tuned for information from Shelley and I about her upcoming book; Granny Square Flair!!

Happy hooking, much love,

Em xoxox

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