Let’s have some fun!

2019 is the year for me to blog more! I simply cannot put it any other way. I’ve had this little blog now since 2016! Can you believe that. Soo I’m going to do more blog posts yay. They will be about crochet of course and how I actually find time to design and play with yarn whilst being a mum to three busy busy boys and also working a paid job etc. In saying that my time management skills will need a HUGE improvement hahah.

SO (caps intended) to get the ball rolling I’m going to do a giveaway of my paid patterns to some lucky winners! Instead of using my Instagram or Facebook accounts, I’ll be running this one solely on here (although I will be sharing the giveaway on those platforms).

I want to win a pattern. What do I have to do?
Well, funny you should ask…..

Simply comment with your choice of pattern that you’d like to win. I’ll put a pretty collage below of the ones available up for grabs. That’s it! Super simple, but I like simplicity 😀 – you can select as many as you like and in order of preference, but you will only receive one prize.

I’m going to number them from left to right and top to bottom.
1 – 2 – 3
4 – 5 – 6
7 – 8 – 9

What’s the pattern called?
1 – Cora Granny Square
2 – Lara’s Lapghan
3 – Whispers of Serenity
4 – Cora Hexagon
5 – Wheel of Hope (Large)
6 – Salutations Mandala
7 – A Little Vintage Puff
8 – Elysian Shawl and Shawlette – the shawl is pictured here
9 – Across the Ocean (wrap)

Questions, answers and terms/conditions

The giveaway is open now will be drawn next Friday AEST (Brisbane time) at 8:30pm once my boys are sleeping soundly and I have no distractions hehe.

The winner will be notified via a reply.

The winner will then need to send an email to theloopystitches@gmail.com and advise of their Ravelry username. It’s that simple.

Q. I don’t have Ravelry, can I still enter?
A. Yes, but some of the patterns I don’t have the files for on this computer lol. So please keep this in mind… You may need to have a backup pattern. (from memory the one that might not be on this computer is the middle photo – Wheel of Hope Large)

Q. How many winners will be chosen?
A. Ooh that’s a good question, depending on how many entries I receive, I may have an ‘Oprah’ moment. “You get a pattern, you get a pattern, EVERYONE gets a pattern’ lol so I’d say a minimum of 5 winners.

Q. How many times can I comment?
A. Please, only ONE comment per person

Q. Can I share this?
A. Yes of course, but no extra ‘points’ will be given – I don’t know how to look into who has shared what etc.

Q. What if I already have every pattern?
A. Well then, thanks for being fabulous and supporting me, but you’ll still get a prize of a voucher to use in my store for when I post more awesomeness (joking) lol patterns. Pretty sure I can do that on Ravelry.

Now I’ve said all that, I’m going to get some hook on and play whilst the boys swim and I have relaxing music playing in the background and doTerra oils diffusing beautifully. Happy days.

Good luck and remember HAPPY HOOKING, much love, Em xo

127 Comments on “Let’s have some fun!

  1. Salutations Mandala
    Whispers of Serenity
    Wheel of Hope



  2. A little vintage puff. Looks like fun. Happy new year and looking forward to your patterns. ❤️😃🌻


  3. Cora Hexagon. They are all such fun patterns. I have the Whispers of Serenity and love that one. It worked up so pretty in person. Thanks for the great patterns.


  4. Oooh Thank you so much too all of you for entering. It’s flattering to know that you like my patterns and would love to make them. I’ve chosen 12 winners and will comment here in no particular order their usernames, and then reply to their comment. For those that didn’t win, have no fear! I’m going to give you a special code to use just for you so that you can save a little $. Use the coupon code ‘crochetisfun’ during checkout at my Ravelry Store (click the ‘Buy Patterns’ in the menu) and you’ll get 25% off, for one week :). So here they are:
    Belinda Frater
    Carey Self
    Karen Baker
    Karin Snel
    Mary Kay Alguire
    Isabel Roux
    Ramona Kane
    Maria Paull
    Sarah B
    I’m now going to reply to these people individually, because this is the first competition I’ve run on here and I have no idea if you can even see this comment lol. Wish me luck!
    And thank you again, I truly mean it. I loved reading your entries.
    So please stay tuned for future blog posts/comps/fun/patterns etc. And until then, happy hooking xo


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