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Let’s Have Some Fun – WINNERS

Okay! So I replied to all the winners and had a special comment as a reply to everyone but I’m afraid no one got it lol. I’m still getting the hang of how this works so I’m dedicating this post to the winners and everyone else who entered, because I have a little something special just for you. If anyone has an idea of how it all works, I’d love to hear from you, not sure what the point of having a reply is if it doesn’t work :/

** Copied and pasted from last night **

Oooh Thank you so much too all of you for entering. It’s flattering to know that you like my patterns and would love to make them. I’ve chosen 12 winners and will comment here in no particular order their usernames, and then reply to their comment. For those that didn’t win, have no fear! I’m going to give you a special code to use just for you so that you can save a little $. Use the coupon code ‘crochetisfun’ during checkout at my Ravelry Store (click the ‘Buy Patterns’ in the menu) and you’ll get 25% off, for one week :). So here they are:
Belinda Frater
Carey Self
Karen Baker
Karin Snel
Mary Kay Alguire
Isabel Roux
Ramona Kane
Maria Paull
Sarah B
I’m now going to reply to these people individually, because this is the first competition I’ve run on here and I have no idea if you can even see this comment lol. Wish me luck!
And thank you again, I truly mean it. I loved reading your entries.
So please stay tuned for future blog posts/comps/fun/patterns etc. And until then, happy hooking xo

Could those mentioned above please send an email to theloopystitches@gmail.com so that I can have your username and gift you your pattern of choice – can you please include that in the email as well. Allow up to 48 hours reply time from my email as it’s the weekend here, time to spend some time with the family hehe

Here’s a photo to remind you of what you’ve won heheh
Happy Hooking!! Much love, Em xo

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