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Sharing the love

I’ve decided to start sharing fellow crochet designers and makers and to spread their beautiful work, because if you’re like me, you love just looking at all things crochet!

This post is going to contain three beautiful fellow crocheters, but usually I think I’ll do one person per post. I hope you (well I know you’ll love) like what they do!

Sandra grabbed my attention when she tagged me in my newest design Salutations Mandala on Instagram. I was blown away by how beautiful the colours all go so well together. It is such a happy piece.

See what I mean! It draws you in and you can’t stop looking at it

You can follow Sandra’s beautiful work either on Facebook and Instagram @dimequesitejidos. 

Her work is full of colour to bring sunshine into your world. Nothing like seeing photos of crochet that make you happy.

The next person I’m sharing with you is Mrs H from RAF Sweetheart Crochet. Once again, I was tagged in a post on Instagram and fell in love! Seriously, I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again. I LOVE BEING TAGGED BY YOU WHEN YOU MAKE MY DESIGNS. I’m not yelling it at you, I’m shouting it out to the world.

It’s amazing when people use their own colours on a design, making it completely and utterly unique!

I’ve been following Mrs H for over 3 years now (blimey time flies). I think it was her Christmas mandala design that grabbed my attention.

I really love this photo – especially with the Poinsettia matching perfectly

You can follow Mrs H on Facebook and Instagram at @rafsweetheart. Her account is another full of colour and beautiful designs… don’t take my word for it, have a look yourself.

Everyone loves a good production line. Especially when it looks this good

The third person I’m sharing with you (because this is the order I shared them on Instagram and Facebook) is Priscila from Amoraria Atelier. I really love where she is heading and I think she has a bright future as a fellow designer, if that’s the path she chooses.

Her designs mainly consist of mandalas in rings BUT the photographs she takes of them…..well just you wait and see!!!!

This is one of her all time favourite photos! It’s a free pattern of mine (Crochet Dream Catcher) and the silhouette… well it’s just divine!
Such beautiful colours
Like seriously!!! AMAZING!!
Priscila definitely has a way with colours.
So this one is my all-time favourite photo of hers! Sunset and mandalas. It shows off the stitches just beautifully.

So now you can see why I love her feed on Instagram. You can follow her there too. Her account is called @amorariaatelier and you’re very welcome.

Well…. there’s just under 2 weeks left of holidays before school returns and I have hardly touched my hook in the passed week and a bit. And I’m having withdrawals, so I’ve tidied my yarn up already this morning (it was getting a bit chaotic again), and will distract the boys somehow so I can have some quiet time hahaha. Yeah right!

Until my next blog post… happy hooking, much love Em xo xo

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