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Floral Dreams

For me, as a crochet designer I tend to have favourites… I know this isn’t probably how you should look at your own designs (they kind of feel like my own children – I don’t have an overall favourite, I just have a favourite at that particular moment in time, like ‘Oh wow Charlie is being super quiet right now, how nice is that!’ that sort of moment which I’m sure plenty of other parents/family could relate to) BUT we’re not talking about my real children… but if I were to choose a favourite, it would definitely be this one.

It’s the pattern I’m most proud of, the pattern that has taken THE MOST longest time from start to finish, the most textured pattern, and the biggest one I’ve designed. Hell, it’s probably been the most frogged one and re-started one too. So let’s give it the gold medal for best persistence haha.

It’s taken this long to get to the publishing side of things that I can’t even remember when I first started designing it! Last year sometime, so that feels like ages ago in my crochet world.

I have had received the most amazing photos from my testers! Which I will share with you in this post. They have done such beautiful work and I love each and everyone of their photos and wish I could see them in person.

Goodness me, I’m baffling on. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t get out much hahaha. So without further ado and stop the rambling… I have some very exciting news to share with you!

BUT I can’t just yet haha, so I will tease you with these beautiful photos. I still have to make a complete blanket myself, and after being injured for over 2 months. YES more than TWO MONTHS without crocheting drove me so crazy I really disliked it. But I started again slowly just the other week and boy does it feel good to get back on the crochet saddle.

Ok enough talking, let me just share the most amazing photos. You can follow the journey on IG using the hashtag #floraldreamsblanket or follow me on FB too.

The beautiful photos above were from Courtney from Saturated Life Crochet on IG or Spin A Yarn 32 on Fb. Her choice and use of colour shines through yet again! She used the following colours in Stylecraft Special DK: Gold

Sandra from Dimequesi Tejidos is making the most beautiful table runner. Not only do I love the colours she has chosen but also the fact that she has thought outside the box and gone with something other than a blanket! That’s awesome Sandra! Thank you.

Amanda from 975 Pocket Rox Crochet on IG, made this stunning version also using Stylecraft Special DK. I love how each version looks completely different all thanks to the colours chosen. The colours she used are:

So this is where I am at….I did start a Batik version, but my calculations were a little off and I need to order more yarn lol so that version is at a standstill for now…however I have plenty of SSDK and have begun on some octagons already… I’ve been inspired by what has been label as ‘my colours’ so I’m making a blanket in them… See below

So there you have it! It won’t be long till I can share the exciting news, but until then it’s hands, hook and yarn down, bum up!! I hope you are just excited as I. Till then, take care. Much love, Em.

UPDATE 09/01/202

Good morning, it’s with such excitement that I write to you and inform you of a release date for Floral Dreams! Are you excited?

Here is my finished version

I’m so excited, I’ve probably said that word too many times, but it’s true. I cannot wait for this pattern to be released. You’ve all done such a great job being so patient, and I thank you for that.

It will be available in US and UK Terms too! How awesome is that!

It is not long now, you can start counting down too hahaha.

Get your hooks ready! More information to come prior to 1st Feb! Much love, Em xxx

UPDATE 21/01/2020

Click the link here to find the information regarding colourways x

UPDATE 1/02/2020

This pattern is now live

Buy your pattern from Ravelry or Etsy

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