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Goodbye 2019

Apologies come first as I’ve been super busy with life (I know, how annoying sometimes), that I haven’t had much time to actually sit down and blog. I’ve missed it. So I’m going to start again by saying goodbye. That’s weird but true.


As my memory isn’t very good, I’m actually going to use my Instagram account as a bit of a reminder of what has happened this year. (Stay tuned for something special at the end)

I don’t know how many designs I have created this year, but I know I designed more than I’ve written down and published. So that’s a good thing, as there are plenty to be released in the future yay haha.

The start of the year saw an amazing delivery of yarn called ‘Cedar’ by Texyarns. I received this yarn to create motifs for this year’s Crochet Cruise which unfortunatlely (big unfortunately) I wasn’t able to be onboard.

How amazing is this small snippet of colours available in Cedar. Bamboo/Cotton – DIVINE!!

Here is the design I made after many many painstakingly hours of coming up with the right motif lol. I actually crocheted to the point of causing injury, which put me out of action for a while and I had to wear a brace. It was my form of torture lol.

Apologies if this is a bad quality photo – my Mac died recently so I’m downloading photos from my phone haha

There’s sometimes a thing us crocheters like to call WIP, yeah you know what I’m talking about! haha I know we all have a lot of these little things. And one that I would actually like to release is this mobius cowl design, which is nameless but made using Stylecraft Batik.

Speaking of Stylecraft Yarns, I received an amazing delivery of Stylecraft Special Double Knit and Batik, drool at the photos below. I decided to make my Floral Dreams blanket in this yarn and these colours (pictured below too).

Of course, once I had actually finished this blanket I needed to make it into a square, which is probably something I should have started on in the beginning. Square shapes join a lot easier in the crochet world than octagons, squares and triangles haha.

Say hello to the square version ๐Ÿ™‚

Not only can Floral Dreams be made into a square but it looks amazing (even if I do say so myself) as a dream catcher! I made this for a special someone in my life who is struggling with sleep. It turned out just perfect!

Later in the year came ‘Celtic Clover’ another granny square which can be purchased at Ravelry or Etsy. It was one of three square designs that I released this yarn.

I also designed a square called ‘Water Angels’. This particular square is close to my heart because all monies raised goes to buying water for people struggling from severe drought in towns only 3 hours away from where I live.

The name ‘Water Angels’ actually comes from a group created by two women who used to live in those towns. And together they have collected many semi trailers (big trucks) full of water and donations to buy even more. It’s great when the community can come together to help those in need.

However one of my more memorable patterns from this year would have to be ‘Crossroads’. I wanted to put a little twist on the traditional granny square. One morning, this idea came to me and it actually worked! I was super excited haha.

It can be found in my Ravelry and Etsy stores.

One of my favourite versions of this square is Joy’s from Crochet Road. I’ll let the beautiful photo do all the talking! I also think you should follow her account on Instagram, if you’re not already .

See! Needs no words it’s that beautiful

This year I also really discovered Texyarn’s Fiddlesticks yarn. It’s such an amazing yarn, doesn’t pill, the softness is amazing and the colours are beautiful! So of course I played around with it and had some fun.

I also held my second CAL (Crochet Along) this year, name the TLS Mystery CAL, where participants didn’t know the end result. I believe they had fun! It was only a small 3-part CAL, but I believe it was enough to learn new stitches and techniques.

So this year is also most over and school holidays have begun, but not before teacher gifts were made and given. I really enjoyed designing them this year, they are all so different, yet fit the recipient just right.

So that’s where we are at right now! With just under two weeks of the year to go, I wonder if a new design will fall onto my hook?

I hope you have had a productive and creative year. BUT I want to share some super exciting news with you! Which of course will be announced in the New Year haha. Thank you for following me whether it be on Instagram, FB or here! Without you, what I do wouldn’t be possible, it would be boring designing things just for myself hahah.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous 2020! Until then, HAPPY HOOKING!

Much love, Em xxx

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