Floral Dreams All Squared Up

As promised, here is the FREE pattern for squaring up your Floral Dreams motifs!

But first, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and still managing to move about and look after your mental health too!

I’m super excited about this version as it creates an whole new look for the blanket and also makes it able to be turned into cushions too, or other things if you’re creative like that and can think of something else lol. Right now, I can’t, but that’s ok :).

I look forward to seeing your beautiful creations so please use the hasthtag #floraldreamssquaredup or #floraldreamsblanket or both on your social media platforms.

Click the file to download the FREE pattern. Remember you’ll need the original Floral Dreams pattern first which you can buy from Ravelry or Etsy.

I do have new patterns coming out soon so stay tuned!!

Much love to you all and hope you’re keep safe and well.

Happy Hooking,

Em xxx

22 Comments on “Floral Dreams All Squared Up

      • I have no way to PDF! Again I find myself frustrated because no one offers a written pattern, that I can write down. Computers. I was much happier without this age! I use my cellphone as a computer, writing tons of patterns, quotes, prayers & anything that catches my eye. But, now with everyone PDFing, I find myself a rare breed.


      • Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful patterns and all of your hard work is deeply appreciated by not just me but by many I am very very sure …you have a very unique gift and its wonderful that you share this …thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š

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      • I get that! My question is for joining them all together. Would you only join these or are all of the small squares and triangles joined too?


      • Hi Kim, you would just join these up together, unless you can figure out a way to add the other motifs in. But it was designed as an alternative to the main blanket x


  1. Can you please advise the colours for Am adas version of your blanket. I have the pattern but only seems to list original colours?

    Thank you. I cannot wait to start


    • Hi Joanna, here’s the list of colours from Amanda’s blanket. You’ll find this list in the Paid Patterns tab and all the information needed is under Floral Dreams ๐Ÿ™‚ scroll to the bottom for layout of hers
      To make Amandaโ€™s Blanket:
      Stone 1710 x 4
      Clematis 1390 x 1
      Lobelia 1825 x 1
      Lapis 1831 x 1
      Wisteria 1432 x 1
      Khaki 1027 x 1
      Lime 1712 x 1
      Boysenberry 1828 x 1


  2. Canโ€™t find the pattern to the square. Is there a DIRECT link or page to get it??


  3. Absolutely stunning square! I can’t wait to make it! Thank you!
    Phoenix, AZ

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