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It’s okay to take a break

When you see me posting on Instagram or Facebook, the first thing that probably comes to your head is obviously ‘crochet’! Well yes, that’s so true because I use ‘The Loopy Stitch’ as my platform/account to reach you. But did you know I also like to do other things? Seriously! haha crochet is such a big part of my life that does define a part of me, but not all of me. And it’s okay to take a break…

I was listening to episode 3 of The Goal Digger Podcast yesterday and it really got me thinking. What else defines me? What else do I love apart from my family?

Well since being awake from 3am due to William falling asleep yesterday at 4pm, my mind has been like a mouse on a wheel, spin spin spinning lol.

Photo because I can’t do a post without having one… lol

I LOVE learning!

I do, I love it. Being able to soak loads of new information in to my brain (and hopefully retain it lol) excites me, the possibilities are endless. And apparently we only use about 10% of our brain normally, so look at all that left over room we have to fill!

At the moment I am deep in following and learning about High Performance through Brendon Burchard. I love it, I just get it and want to abide and live by it. It gets me in the right mindset to tackle the day how I see fit, and when things creep over me, which they do, I know how to handle it, because I planned it.

Brendon is not just about high performance, although that is his passion. He is a life coach. And something else I could one day see me doing.


I love mowing grass! Okay….weirdo, that’s a bit strange. You might say. But it’s rewarding to see how beautiful something can be after you give it a bit of attention…think about how that can apply to all areas of your life.

I also love the fresh smell of it. It reminds me of new beginnings. And if I do a horrible job with the edges, it grows back and I learn for next time to slow down or do it different.


I need fresh air! And I love a good breeze, preferrably not a humid one, because they aren’t very nice.

There’s something about them that makes me feel connected to the earth – no I’m not into that sort of stuff. But it grounds me, brings me back to reality or even lets me escape when I need to.

The best breezes are when we’re at the beach as a family as it brings awareness to how grateful I am for what I have in my life.

Holding my children’s hands

That feeling of connection when their smaller yet ever growing hands entwine with mine. It’s funny as I can’t quite explain it, but I love it and when they do it, I feel loved. Because let’s be honest, boys aged 10 and 7 are on their way to no got giving as many hugs freely even though I do steal a lot when they least expect it.


I also love books, I’m not that great at reading them though, although I recently went to the optometrist again and found out I need new glasses for things within my arms reach…maybe that’s why I haven’t been able to read properly lately. Too distracted by little blurry words.. anyway

I love the smell of books, the feeling of books. Not too long ago I dreamed of owning a bookstore! Imagine being surrounded by all those adventures, experiences, heartache, love, all the things. My dream has slightly changed, but some books are still included.


I love classical music. I guess that’s due to playing piano when I was growing up. I have this soft spot for it and feel a huge connection with it. I listen to ABC Classical in the car (partially because our van can only get that channel and another which is definitely not my taste, and partially because I choose to).

I love the calming, uprising, envigorating, focusing, powerful etc, emotions it creates. Just love it.


Well that’s no secret! I love colour, but still tend to favour my greens and sometimes blues out of all the other colours. I love the psychology behind colour. And if I’m being honest, have an eye for choosing them.

Colours just bounce at me, I know what ones go to gether and know ones that really should be with each other – but these are my opinions. So when someone asks, can you please teach my how you choose colour? My first thought is, oh they do it themselves, or I just constantly change them until it feels right.

To end..

Gosh this turned into a longish blog post.. haha the reason why I thought about it was because today, I’m going to take the day off crochet. I’m going to focus in on the other areas that I love whilst being safe at home.

Hold my boys’ hands whilst we play snakes and ladders, do a puzzle. Wet them with the hose when we wash our cars or jump with joy when I beat them at minute-to-win-it games lol. I’m a little competitive but only out of fun, because I know how much it will annoy them (insert evil mother laughter) LOL.

I’m also going to listen to Brendon and or his wife Denise and set the day right. Might also work on some other things such as my newsletter which I’m releasing real soon. Click the button below to subcribe! You definitely don’t want to miss out on it. Trust me.

I hope you’re using the opportunity being safe at home to focus on the important things and the possibilities. It may sound harder than it seems. But sometimes, the hard part is taking the first step and just doing it.

Why not take the time out to find what else you love too?

Until next time…
Happy Hooking (well not me lol)
Much love,
Em xx

P.S Yarn used is Stylecraft Naturals – see my previous blog post for my review.. I know you want to

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