One Skein of Love – Book Review

‘Yes, of course, I’d love to!’. Those were the words in my reply to Ana from Oneskeinoflove Crochet when she asked if I would like to be a part of her blog tour.

‘Cosy Crochet Blankets to Snuggle Under’ is a must-have book for your crochet book collection. There is something for everyone inside the gorgeous cover.

With detailed photos, well-written patterns and charts, this book is suitable for all skill levels. You are sure to find something to keep your hands busy, hearts fuzzy and mind content.

I love that Tuva Publishing have once again chosen to do a portfolio view for all the projects so you can see them all at one glance, before pursuing each page.

I did little samples of Flower Patches, Crush on You, Spring Field, Purple Mist and Daigo-ji Garden and with names like that, they are sure to entice you even more.

Motifs, rows, and rounds galore, this book has a pattern to suit you.

To find out more visit Ana’s website.

3 Comments on “One Skein of Love – Book Review

  1. Tempting, but .. I think I’m lost to squares and motifs – maybe it’s the ends.
    Oddly, regarding ends .. I’m in love with mosaic work, à la Icelander. 🙂 And when I’ve finished the plain cardi I’ve undertaken to knit for a friend, I’ll be back to “Thule”.

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  2. Hi Emily, I m suscribed, I want the free pattern called Wonder!!!! Please !!! Thank you

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