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I’m sort of back…

So it’s been 6 weeks since I began my break. And if I’m being honest, which you know I am…I have really found myself again, or at least started to.

I have had a few little health issues, which the majority have been resovled and tomorrow I hope I will get the all clear tomorrow from my cardiologist. Physically (apart from the heart issue) and mentally I feel like I’m much more ‘me’ and I have improved on a daily basis or maybe if I really think about it, found peace within.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I’ve been posting Stories every day. Photos of my walks which I started two weeks ago. I don’t know who loves them more; Milo or I?

Milo and one of my favourite trees

I am a morning person! I love to see the sun rise and think of all the possibilities that each new day holds. I’m also someone that doesn’t put things in their ears when they walk. I want to be mindful of every thing around me, and I am, sometimes a little too much when I find my good power walk turns into a nice stroll because I’m focusing on the sounds of the birds, the shapes of the clouds or the beautiful trees and plants surrounding me.

I believe that these walks of ‘me time’ have improved my mental health big time. Not that it was too bad before, but it is much more relaxed and composed now.

My days start off on the right foot! Pun intended lol. I feel like I can accomplish anything on my list. A list that ACTUALLY gets done! By 8:30am most days, the house is clean, the washing is hung out, and my second cup of tea is brewing.

I’m not chasing my tail constantly anymore. I’m winning.

I’m also semi-winning in the crochet side of things too. I feel like I have it under control and after spending a few hours planning which designs will be in the next book, I can focus easier, my goal is set and clear. I am determined!

I just wanted to share my wins with you! I feel it’s share-worthy and might help you get out there and have your own wins too!

Now I’m going to share all the photos of the last two weeks! Because I can and because they are lovely!

So until I write something else soon! Which will be more frequently, I hope you can get out there an enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer, find some peace within and find joy in the smallest things.

Happy Hookin!
Much Love,

Em xxx

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