I wish I were an octopus

Four years ago I wrote a poem. A poem about being a crocheter… and how handy it would be to have more limbs…

I thought I should share it here too. I hope you enjoy it.

I wish I were an octopus.

I wish I were an octopus
with 2 feet and 6 arms
Everything on my to do list
I’d do it with sweet charm
That wip that has sat there
In the corner collecting dust
Well I’d take my hook and all my yarn
and finish it no fuss
Dc in the next stitch, chain two
and skip another
I’d do repeats with ease and
counting them, no bother
I wouldn’t need stitch markers
Or lose hooks down the chair
I could take a heap of wips with me,
I could take them anywhere
I’d use one arm to hold my yarn
another to drink to my tea
Multitasking at its very best
I’d still have three arms free
Free to hold my other colours
my scissors and my pen
Wow! Writing down my patterns
I could do it there and then
I wish I were an octopus
with 2 feet and 6 arms
Everything on my to do list DONE
please don’t be alarmed….. 😆

Who else would like to be an octopus too?

In other news…


A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT (photo for clue and enticement)

So until next time, real soon.

Happy Hooking!

Much love,

Em xxx

5 Comments on “I wish I were an octopus

  1. Oh I love this poem, I don’t think there is anyone out there that didn’t wish this at one time or another. With the holidays coming I wish I were an octopus too!
    Also the poem made me 😃

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Em

    I love the poem-surely the wish of every crocheter!

    Based on your ‘enticement’ photo your announcement looks worth waiting for!




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