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Finally! It is the last day of 2020. What a year it has been. I could go on and on about it, but I won’t. I want to focus on how productive it has been on the design front and reminisce over the patterns I have created aka being grateful for the good to come out of 2020. πŸ˜†πŸ€©

I don’t want to ramble on so I will let the photos do most the talking and I’ll try my best to keep it in chronological order for you. It’s nice to see things progress that way.


January saw the creation of ‘A Mindful Moment’, a purse I never finished (no breaking news thereπŸ˜‚), an updated version of my free heart pattern, and my ‘Mindless Cowl’.


February was the month when Stylecraft released their Naturals cotton. Oh my gosh. It’s the nicest yarn I’ve worked with. So beautiful. I created a coaster pattern with it and also designed my ‘Fortitude Shawl’.


According to my Instagram photos, March was rather quiet on the design front, and if I’m being honest, I don’t really remember that far back so I can’t tell you otherwise haha.

I worked on a free pattern from Stylecraft Bambino, my mindless crochet scarf, which I turned into a cowl lol. I have a thing for cowls.


April saw the brilliant idea of me starting my own newsletter. It ended up only lasting a few editions as life got crazy busy with work and well, life lol. I do hope to bring it back though soon. It’s just a lot of extra work ontop of designing and working (non-crochet), family life, I know you all understand.


I organised and moved my craft room! Woo hoo, it was lovely and neat for a few days πŸ€ͺ. I also designed the free pattern for the second edition of my newsletter. Secretly, it’s definitely one of my favourites. πŸ₯° I also bought some lovely colours of Scheepjes Catona to play with.


Well it looks as though I actually used the Scheepjes Catona in June haha. I decided to turn a pevious pattern into a CAL (which still hasn’t been finished as there is one stitch, YES ONE STITCH that I am not a fan of, so I really need to fix it lol). I also made some of the CAL up in Fiddlesticks Superb 8 too.


Well July was the month that my best kept secret was revealed. A new logo!! That I still absolutely love (so it must be a great one!). My dear friend’s talented husband designed it. Yep, he’s pretty amazing at what he does, and I’m forever grateful for his special unique talent.

July was also the month that my patterns were released in the Inaugural Crochet Tournament. (Yesterday, I completed next year’s patterns – woo hoo). I was super honoured to design alongside fellow Aussie’s Joy from Crochet Road and Shelley from Spincushions for the tournament.


Granny Square Day (month). Most crocheters look forward to what maybe one day will be a holiday for us all (yeah righ…we can wish). A day full of granny squares, where we post all things granny squares. It’s pretty amazing.

I also reworked some old patterns into new ones which will be available in my first self-published book hopefully next year.


I took a break from social media and posting things in September. I also stopped my newsletters then.

However, my design for the Crochet Society Box 15 was revealed. The Love Lock Lace. A lightweight, lacey scarf design that can easily be adapted into a cowl or shawl.


Tumbleweeds due to my break lol


Back in July, I designed a pattern for Crate Crochet, a local subscription box and this pattern was released to the public in November. As usual, it was something made in the round. 😱 I know! Shock horror hahah.

I also designed a snowflake pattern ‘Joyful Spirit’ in time for Christmas. I really liked how it turned out.

But wait! There’s more.

November was the month where I designed and made ‘Resilience in Bloom’, a blanket pattern that would become the Make Along for Stylecraft during the month of January.

I had such a blast making it, photographing it and just looking at it haha. I’m super proud of this project and have put more hours than you could imagine into making this pattern (more hours on the computer than actual crocheting hours).


Well December saw me working frantically every second I could on this blanket! It’s not going anywhere. She’s a keeper!

I also designed next year’s Crochet Tournament patterns too and they’re already with testers. So as of tomorrow… I’m all about really focusing all of my energy into my next book and the release of Resilience in Bloom. I’d also like to update a few older patterns into my new template (ideally all of my patterns would be great), but we’ll see how that goes.

Tonight, I’ll be tucked up in bed with everyone, watching a movie and the backs of my eyelids come 12am haha. Best way to start the year off? Nice and fresh, early in the morning, hopefully watching the sunrise if the rain decides to ease up for a bit.

I hope that 2021 is a good year for you. That it brings you joy, happiness and that you learn so many new things, some you never thought you would. I hope it’s limitless!

Thank you for following me for as long as you have. I really do appreciate it and feel the support from each of you.

Until tomorrow…

Happy Hooking!

Much love,

Em xxx

Happy New Year from my crazy family to you x

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