It’s that time of year again, when the Blogstars each design something around a theme. Last year it was a Garden Party. This year, it’s a beach theme.

Go and check out what the other Blogstars have designed by clicking here. (You know you want to)( Do it, do it, do it).

Living in Australia you think it’d be easy for me to design something or at least think of something. At least something that hadn’t been done before.

Easier said than done lol.

I think I designed at least four different types of barefoot sandals before changing my mind to a towel holder.

I don’t know about you, but our family takes a lot of stuff to the beach, and this is such a handy accessory to have (especially to free up your hands so you can obviously carry your yarn and hooks)…. I mean that’s what we do at the beach, isn’t it?

It’s a quick and easy project that you could make in the afternoon.

This project is made using Stylecraft Naturals Organic Cotton in the following colours:

1 ball of each C1 Citron 7175; C2 Flamingo 7179; C3 Blush 7177; C4 Leaf 7171; C5 Jade 7191; C6 Azure 7198

You can purchase this towel holder pattern via my shop right here on my website. I will try and link it below. The pattern comes in US and UK Terms, and comes with round-by-round photos AND charts. I hope you like and enjoy making this. P.s Stylecraft are also giving away yarn packs too – check out their Facebook and Instagram pages for more information.

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