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Hello my name is Emily and I’m addicted to crochet! Whether it be crocheting myself or looking at anything crocheted, I love it. I am a mum of three boys, who keep me busy 24/7.  So finding time to crochet can be sneaky and at odd times of the day/night. I wanted to create a blog so that I can share my love for crochet; what I make,some free patterns and links to purchase some! Who doesn’t love free things, especially when they are crochet related!!

I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and I’m so thankful to live here.  With access to beautiful beaches and the luscious hinterland, there are so many inspirational places to visit, and I’m lucky it’s at my doorstep.

I learned to crochet the chain stitch when I was about 11 years old, since then I have been self taught with thanks to books, and more recently YouTube (it would have been handy a long time ago). There’s something about crocheting that I find relaxing, therapeutic and rewarding all at the same time. It’s amazing what can be created with a ball of yarn and a hook.

I hope that this little blog brings you happiness and inspiration and the help you need to crochet your own beautiful pieces. A world without crochet would be pretty dull.

~ Emily ~

61 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Diane Douglas says:

    Hi Emily,
    Just love your site ……I am on my 2nd Minecraft rug for twin 6yr olds for xmas ..have enjoyed
    making them ….so thanks again for the idea /pattern …


  2. Sue Shobert says:

    Hi, Emily! I am an avid crocheter and am selling on etsy. I was wondering if I could sell the finished product of this pattern in my etsy shop? My shop is ShobertCrochet.


  3. Sharon says:

    Hi Emily by any chance do you do any tutorials on you tube , I absolutely love your work and I am a newbie that has a really hard time reading patterns.
    Much love
    Sharon 😙


    • theloopystitches says:

      Hi Sharon,
      That is a good question! Do you have a particular pattern you are having trouble reading? I may be able to try and help you if you like.
      Have you googled/youtubed beginner crochet reading patterns or learn to read crochet patterns etc?


  4. Amanda Gratrix says:

    Hi Emily i was wondering would this work in dk yarn and if so what size hook would you recommend using with the dk yarn. Dk is 8 ply yarn in the u.s.


    • theloopystitches says:

      Hi Amanda, I either use a 4mm think that’s a G hook over there, or 4.5 or 5mm depending on the pattern and how tight/loose you crochet 🙂 I hope this helps. May I ask what pattern you’re talking about? I can’t see what you’re commenting on xo


  5. Amanda Gratrix says:

    Hi Emily i was wondering would this work in dk yarn and if so what size hook would you recommend using with the dk yarn. Dk is 8 ply yarn in the u.s. Sorry ment to say for the dreamcatcher you did in 4 ply cotton


    • Amanda Gratrix says:

      Hi Emily please could you let me know if i could use a dk weight yarn and what size hook to use with it. To make the dreamcatcher you made using the 4 ply cotton yarn ?


      • theloopystitches says:

        And yarn… you can use any yarn – I think the closest is aran? Which is a 10ply – I’d use at least a 5mm H hook, and if that’s a bit tight, go up a hook size. If you need to look up substitutes, use Yarnsub.com – it is an amazing website! 🙂 I hope this helps. If not, keep replying till we get something right.


  6. Amanda Gratrix says:

    Hi Emily i am thinking of using a 5 ply cotton yarn the ball band says to use a 2.50mm hook what size hook would you you recommend using. The yarn i am going to use is anchor style creativa fino xx


  7. Linda says:

    Hi Emily
    Can you please tell me how to download the files for your crochet along. I saw part 1 and 2 but no files were attached. (love the colors you picked for it)


    • theloopystitches says:

      Hi Linda, there is nothing to download just yet… Still finishing it off and then have to get it tested. So glad you love the colours. Hopefully won’t be too much longer before it’s done.


  8. Bev says:

    Hi Emily,

    I am trying to do your lovely dream catcher. Out of all the patterns on the www, I like yours the best – thanks so much for the pattern. I am, however, hitting a snag with the clusters, and would appreciate it if you could clarify.

    Cluster 2 (cl2): Starting with a loop on your hook, *yarn over, insert hook in stitch or space indicated, yarn over and draw up a loop (3 loops on hook), yarn over and pull through two loops*, repeat from * twice, yarn over and pull through all loops. (How many loops?)

    If the cluster is done 3 times as you state then there is 4 loops on the hook which does not make it a Cluster 2.

    Would appreciate if you could clarify this and also the Cluster 3.

    Many thanks
    P.S. I am working on it now and eagerly awaiting your response


  9. the eternal traveller says:

    After following you on Instagram for a while, I’m excited to finally make it to your blog. I ordered your book last week and received notification yesterday that it’s on its way. Can’t wait to find a lovely project to work on, although I do have two others to complete! 🙂


  10. Anlin Zanoli says:

    Hi Emily!! I am besotted with your designs, I live in South Africa, and can find your Round and Round the crochet hook book NOWHERE!!!! Is there any chance that it would become available as an Ebook?


  11. Rath na Sidhe says:

    Hi Emily,
    I just joined the CAL (late) and would like to donate my $2 but I don’t do online transactions. Would it be OK for me to direct deposit it to a bank account please? I am in Queensland. Thank you, Rath na Sidhe


  12. Carol D says:

    Hi Emily!
    Just found your blog tonight – after reading a Review of your book – which is now on my “wish list” – and I’ll begin to drop hints to everyone who might be interested in giving me a gift!

    Love your work….I first saw a square that you entered in All Free Crochet design contest for Granny Squares. I LOVE Grannies! I tend to get bored when working on a large project…so grannies, which can be stitched together to make a larger project are PERFECT!
    (BY THE WAY, the square that you entered WAS one of my 10 choices,…it was actually the first one I voted for…! Hope we can get the pattern for that in the not-too-distant future!

    Thank you for the beauty that you share! Though the CAL is ended, I did download the pattern for “Connie’s Ray of Hope” – and when I finish my present WIP, Connie’s is the NEXT project I’ll tackle…and I have all the yarn I need to make it! YAY! Even with my very limited retirement income, I can make something that nice for US! (it will take a place of honor on the Living Room Wall!
    Thank you, Emily! So glad I found you!


  13. Carol D says:

    How can I sign up to receive your email updates? I tried by clicking on the “Follow:” link at bottom right, but when I do that, it appears that I want to start a blog – which I definitely do not! I’ve thought about it, but do not have enough to share – and am too busy following blogs that inspire me.
    Can you add me to your list? – or failing that, can you let me know HOW I can sign up? LOVE your work and would really like to be able to follow….but this “antique brain” will fail me if I have to remember to check the blog without an email reminder – or whatever you do to let us know of new postings.
    Thank you so much for all you share! So inspiring!


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