Goodbye 2019

Apologies come first as I’ve been super busy with life (I know, how annoying sometimes), that I haven’t had much time to actually sit down and blog. I’ve missed it. So I’m going to start again by saying goodbye. That’s weird but true.


As my memory isn’t very good, I’m actually going to use my Instagram account as a bit of a reminder of what has happened this year. (Stay tuned for something special at the end)

I don’t know how many designs I have created this year, but I know I designed more than I’ve written down and published. So that’s a good thing, as there are plenty to be released in the future yay haha.

The start of the year saw an amazing delivery of yarn called ‘Cedar’ by Texyarns. I received this yarn to create motifs for this year’s Crochet Cruise which unfortunatlely (big unfortunately) I wasn’t able to be onboard.

How amazing is this small snippet of colours available in Cedar. Bamboo/Cotton – DIVINE!!

Here is the design I made after many many painstakingly hours of coming up with the right motif lol. I actually crocheted to the point of causing injury, which put me out of action for a while and I had to wear a brace. It was my form of torture lol.

Apologies if this is a bad quality photo – my Mac died recently so I’m downloading photos from my phone haha

There’s sometimes a thing us crocheters like to call WIP, yeah you know what I’m talking about! haha I know we all have a lot of these little things. And one that I would actually like to release is this mobius cowl design, which is nameless but made using Stylecraft Batik.

Speaking of Stylecraft Yarns, I received an amazing delivery of Stylecraft Special Double Knit and Batik, drool at the photos below. I decided to make my Floral Dreams blanket in this yarn and these colours (pictured below too).

Of course, once I had actually finished this blanket I needed to make it into a square, which is probably something I should have started on in the beginning. Square shapes join a lot easier in the crochet world than octagons, squares and triangles haha.

Say hello to the square version 🙂

Not only can Floral Dreams be made into a square but it looks amazing (even if I do say so myself) as a dream catcher! I made this for a special someone in my life who is struggling with sleep. It turned out just perfect!

Later in the year came ‘Celtic Clover’ another granny square which can be purchased at Ravelry or Etsy. It was one of three square designs that I released this yarn.

I also designed a square called ‘Water Angels’. This particular square is close to my heart because all monies raised goes to buying water for people struggling from severe drought in towns only 3 hours away from where I live.

The name ‘Water Angels’ actually comes from a group created by two women who used to live in those towns. And together they have collected many semi trailers (big trucks) full of water and donations to buy even more. It’s great when the community can come together to help those in need.

However one of my more memorable patterns from this year would have to be ‘Crossroads’. I wanted to put a little twist on the traditional granny square. One morning, this idea came to me and it actually worked! I was super excited haha.

It can be found in my Ravelry and Etsy stores.

One of my favourite versions of this square is Joy’s from Crochet Road. I’ll let the beautiful photo do all the talking! I also think you should follow her account on Instagram, if you’re not already .

See! Needs no words it’s that beautiful

This year I also really discovered Texyarn’s Fiddlesticks yarn. It’s such an amazing yarn, doesn’t pill, the softness is amazing and the colours are beautiful! So of course I played around with it and had some fun.

I also held my second CAL (Crochet Along) this year, name the TLS Mystery CAL, where participants didn’t know the end result. I believe they had fun! It was only a small 3-part CAL, but I believe it was enough to learn new stitches and techniques.

So this year is also most over and school holidays have begun, but not before teacher gifts were made and given. I really enjoyed designing them this year, they are all so different, yet fit the recipient just right.

So that’s where we are at right now! With just under two weeks of the year to go, I wonder if a new design will fall onto my hook?

I hope you have had a productive and creative year. BUT I want to share some super exciting news with you! Which of course will be announced in the New Year haha. Thank you for following me whether it be on Instagram, FB or here! Without you, what I do wouldn’t be possible, it would be boring designing things just for myself hahah.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous 2020! Until then, HAPPY HOOKING!

Much love, Em xxx

Floral Dreams

For me, as a crochet designer I tend to have favourites… I know this isn’t probably how you should look at your own designs (they kind of feel like my own children – I don’t have an overall favourite, I just have a favourite at that particular moment in time, like ‘Oh wow Charlie is being super quiet right now, how nice is that!’ that sort of moment which I’m sure plenty of other parents/family could relate to) BUT we’re not talking about my real children… but if I were to choose a favourite, it would definitely be this one.

It’s the pattern I’m most proud of, the pattern that has taken THE MOST longest time from start to finish, the most textured pattern, and the biggest one I’ve designed. Hell, it’s probably been the most frogged one and re-started one too. So let’s give it the gold medal for best persistence haha.

It’s taken this long to get to the publishing side of things that I can’t even remember when I first started designing it! Last year sometime, so that feels like ages ago in my crochet world.

I have had received the most amazing photos from my testers! Which I will share with you in this post. They have done such beautiful work and I love each and everyone of their photos and wish I could see them in person.

Goodness me, I’m baffling on. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t get out much hahaha. So without further ado and stop the rambling… I have some very exciting news to share with you!

BUT I can’t just yet haha, so I will tease you with these beautiful photos. I still have to make a complete blanket myself, and after being injured for over 2 months. YES more than TWO MONTHS without crocheting drove me so crazy I really disliked it. But I started again slowly just the other week and boy does it feel good to get back on the crochet saddle.

Ok enough talking, let me just share the most amazing photos. You can follow the journey on IG using the hashtag #floraldreamsblanket or follow me on FB too.

The beautiful photos above were from Courtney from Saturated Life Crochet on IG or Spin A Yarn 32 on Fb. Her choice and use of colour shines through yet again! She used the following colours in Stylecraft Special DK: Gold

Sandra from Dimequesi Tejidos is making the most beautiful table runner. Not only do I love the colours she has chosen but also the fact that she has thought outside the box and gone with something other than a blanket! That’s awesome Sandra! Thank you.

Amanda from 975 Pocket Rox Crochet on IG, made this stunning version also using Stylecraft Special DK. I love how each version looks completely different all thanks to the colours chosen. The colours she used are:

So this is where I am at….I did start a Batik version, but my calculations were a little off and I need to order more yarn lol so that version is at a standstill for now…however I have plenty of SSDK and have begun on some octagons already… I’ve been inspired by what has been label as ‘my colours’ so I’m making a blanket in them… See below

So there you have it! It won’t be long till I can share the exciting news, but until then it’s hands, hook and yarn down, bum up!! I hope you are just excited as I. Till then, take care. Much love, Em.

UPDATE 09/01/202

Good morning, it’s with such excitement that I write to you and inform you of a release date for Floral Dreams! Are you excited?

Here is my finished version

I’m so excited, I’ve probably said that word too many times, but it’s true. I cannot wait for this pattern to be released. You’ve all done such a great job being so patient, and I thank you for that.

It will be available in US and UK Terms too! How awesome is that!

It is not long now, you can start counting down too hahaha.

Get your hooks ready! More information to come prior to 1st Feb! Much love, Em xxx

UPDATE 21/01/2020

Click the link here to find the information regarding colourways x

UPDATE 1/02/2020

This pattern is now live

Buy your pattern from Ravelry or Etsy

Sharing the love

I’ve decided to start sharing fellow crochet designers and makers and to spread their beautiful work, because if you’re like me, you love just looking at all things crochet!

This post is going to contain three beautiful fellow crocheters, but usually I think I’ll do one person per post. I hope you (well I know you’ll love) like what they do!

Sandra grabbed my attention when she tagged me in my newest design Salutations Mandala on Instagram. I was blown away by how beautiful the colours all go so well together. It is such a happy piece.

See what I mean! It draws you in and you can’t stop looking at it

You can follow Sandra’s beautiful work either on Facebook and Instagram @dimequesitejidos. 

Her work is full of colour to bring sunshine into your world. Nothing like seeing photos of crochet that make you happy.

The next person I’m sharing with you is Mrs H from RAF Sweetheart Crochet. Once again, I was tagged in a post on Instagram and fell in love! Seriously, I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again. I LOVE BEING TAGGED BY YOU WHEN YOU MAKE MY DESIGNS. I’m not yelling it at you, I’m shouting it out to the world.

It’s amazing when people use their own colours on a design, making it completely and utterly unique!

I’ve been following Mrs H for over 3 years now (blimey time flies). I think it was her Christmas mandala design that grabbed my attention.

I really love this photo – especially with the Poinsettia matching perfectly

You can follow Mrs H on Facebook and Instagram at @rafsweetheart. Her account is another full of colour and beautiful designs… don’t take my word for it, have a look yourself.

Everyone loves a good production line. Especially when it looks this good

The third person I’m sharing with you (because this is the order I shared them on Instagram and Facebook) is Priscila from Amoraria Atelier. I really love where she is heading and I think she has a bright future as a fellow designer, if that’s the path she chooses.

Her designs mainly consist of mandalas in rings BUT the photographs she takes of them…..well just you wait and see!!!!

This is one of her all time favourite photos! It’s a free pattern of mine (Crochet Dream Catcher) and the silhouette… well it’s just divine!
Such beautiful colours
Like seriously!!! AMAZING!!
Priscila definitely has a way with colours.
So this one is my all-time favourite photo of hers! Sunset and mandalas. It shows off the stitches just beautifully.

So now you can see why I love her feed on Instagram. You can follow her there too. Her account is called @amorariaatelier and you’re very welcome.

Well…. there’s just under 2 weeks left of holidays before school returns and I have hardly touched my hook in the passed week and a bit. And I’m having withdrawals, so I’ve tidied my yarn up already this morning (it was getting a bit chaotic again), and will distract the boys somehow so I can have some quiet time hahaha. Yeah right!

Until my next blog post… happy hooking, much love Em xo xo

Let’s Have Some Fun – WINNERS

Okay! So I replied to all the winners and had a special comment as a reply to everyone but I’m afraid no one got it lol. I’m still getting the hang of how this works so I’m dedicating this post to the winners and everyone else who entered, because I have a little something special just for you. If anyone has an idea of how it all works, I’d love to hear from you, not sure what the point of having a reply is if it doesn’t work :/

** Copied and pasted from last night **

Oooh Thank you so much too all of you for entering. It’s flattering to know that you like my patterns and would love to make them. I’ve chosen 12 winners and will comment here in no particular order their usernames, and then reply to their comment. For those that didn’t win, have no fear! I’m going to give you a special code to use just for you so that you can save a little $. Use the coupon code ‘crochetisfun’ during checkout at my Ravelry Store (click the ‘Buy Patterns’ in the menu) and you’ll get 25% off, for one week :). So here they are:
Belinda Frater
Carey Self
Karen Baker
Karin Snel
Mary Kay Alguire
Isabel Roux
Ramona Kane
Maria Paull
Sarah B
I’m now going to reply to these people individually, because this is the first competition I’ve run on here and I have no idea if you can even see this comment lol. Wish me luck!
And thank you again, I truly mean it. I loved reading your entries.
So please stay tuned for future blog posts/comps/fun/patterns etc. And until then, happy hooking xo

Could those mentioned above please send an email to so that I can have your username and gift you your pattern of choice – can you please include that in the email as well. Allow up to 48 hours reply time from my email as it’s the weekend here, time to spend some time with the family hehe

Here’s a photo to remind you of what you’ve won heheh
Happy Hooking!! Much love, Em xo

Let’s have some fun!

2019 is the year for me to blog more! I simply cannot put it any other way. I’ve had this little blog now since 2016! Can you believe that. Soo I’m going to do more blog posts yay. They will be about crochet of course and how I actually find time to design and play with yarn whilst being a mum to three busy busy boys and also working a paid job etc. In saying that my time management skills will need a HUGE improvement hahah.

SO (caps intended) to get the ball rolling I’m going to do a giveaway of my paid patterns to some lucky winners! Instead of using my Instagram or Facebook accounts, I’ll be running this one solely on here (although I will be sharing the giveaway on those platforms).

I want to win a pattern. What do I have to do?
Well, funny you should ask…..

Simply comment with your choice of pattern that you’d like to win. I’ll put a pretty collage below of the ones available up for grabs. That’s it! Super simple, but I like simplicity 😀 – you can select as many as you like and in order of preference, but you will only receive one prize.

I’m going to number them from left to right and top to bottom.
1 – 2 – 3
4 – 5 – 6
7 – 8 – 9

What’s the pattern called?
1 – Cora Granny Square
2 – Lara’s Lapghan
3 – Whispers of Serenity
4 – Cora Hexagon
5 – Wheel of Hope (Large)
6 – Salutations Mandala
7 – A Little Vintage Puff
8 – Elysian Shawl and Shawlette – the shawl is pictured here
9 – Across the Ocean (wrap)

Questions, answers and terms/conditions

The giveaway is open now will be drawn next Friday AEST (Brisbane time) at 8:30pm once my boys are sleeping soundly and I have no distractions hehe.

The winner will be notified via a reply.

The winner will then need to send an email to and advise of their Ravelry username. It’s that simple.

Q. I don’t have Ravelry, can I still enter?
A. Yes, but some of the patterns I don’t have the files for on this computer lol. So please keep this in mind… You may need to have a backup pattern. (from memory the one that might not be on this computer is the middle photo – Wheel of Hope Large)

Q. How many winners will be chosen?
A. Ooh that’s a good question, depending on how many entries I receive, I may have an ‘Oprah’ moment. “You get a pattern, you get a pattern, EVERYONE gets a pattern’ lol so I’d say a minimum of 5 winners.

Q. How many times can I comment?
A. Please, only ONE comment per person

Q. Can I share this?
A. Yes of course, but no extra ‘points’ will be given – I don’t know how to look into who has shared what etc.

Q. What if I already have every pattern?
A. Well then, thanks for being fabulous and supporting me, but you’ll still get a prize of a voucher to use in my store for when I post more awesomeness (joking) lol patterns. Pretty sure I can do that on Ravelry.

Now I’ve said all that, I’m going to get some hook on and play whilst the boys swim and I have relaxing music playing in the background and doTerra oils diffusing beautifully. Happy days.

Good luck and remember HAPPY HOOKING, much love, Em xo

Goodbye 2018

What a year it has been! I would like to first and foremost say a big THANK YOU to all of you for following me throughout 2018. It is seeing the creations that you make from my designs what makes me want to keep on coming up with new ones, aside from my brain not really stopping with all the possibilities that could be turned into crochet.

Let’s go back to the start of the year (it’s ok, I’ll do a quick wrap-up of it) to where I decided designing a flower every day for a whole year would be fun… and also overwhelming, time consuming and in the end be too much for one person lol. BUT the crochet community came together and formed ‘The Crochet Hook Up’ where flowers are designed and published by the lovely people in the group. One of my all time favourite photos of the flowers is by Charlotta Wadman from In the Yarn Garden. 

After handing the reigns over (which was quite a relief, after 93 designs, it was time lol), the next pattern I designed (well, that I could share at the time) was Jane’s Love! I wanted to do something for Jane, to show her we supported, cared and loved her and wanting to help her get her special chair that would help her in her everyday life. The response was amazing. And seeing everyone buy the pattern (all monies raised go directly to Jane) just blew my mind. The beautiful colours, the overall finished pieces and the love from the crochet community was and still is AMAZING. Here is a link to the hashtag on Instagram. The creativity of all of you fills my heart. And if you’d like to help support Jane still, click the link here to the Love Crochet website where it is sold.

One of the most monumental things this year has definitely been being asked to teach on a crochet cruise! Crochet cruise? What! So people actually go on a big ship and crochet all day? YEP pretty much lol. Cruise Express offers these amazing packages and they are beyond anything you can imagine. 5 star cruising on a 5 star ship and I’ve been asked to do it again next year, this time to Hobart and New Zealand. If you’d like to come onboard and meet new friends, crochet with 5 star yarns, and make 5 star designs, eat the most yummy food, relax by the pool, visit New Zealand during the specially arranged tours (YARNY tours) then click the link to head to Cruise Express and find out more.

Another first for the year was designing a pattern for Crate Crochet in May. Whispers of Serenity was/is a two-in-one pattern where you can make the small or large size mandala. People have asked me “What do you do with them?” Well I usually attach them to a ring and hang them on my wall or use them as centrepiece or something similar. You could even make a cushion from it 🙂

I’m not going to mention every single design I made this year (that’s what Instagram is for lol) but one of my favourite ones from this year would have to be my Elysian Shawl and Shawlette. Both made from Stylecraft Yarns in Batik, they have such a beautiful soft drape and feel divine. I went out of my usual green/blue comfort zone (although the photo above of my mandala says otherwise) lol and used pinks/reds etc for the shawlette and kinda fell in love with it (yes you can love material things, especially when they are crochet or crocheted).

My comfort zone
Kinda love this one
Both together 😀

Another wonderful thing happened this year. I was asked to become and brand ambassador for Nurturing Fibres. The most beautiful naturally hand dyed yarn from South Africa. Not only does it look and feel absolutely divine, but it smells lovely too. I designed a free pattern called Nurturing Octagons with Eco-Cotton. With such a large colour range, you’ll have a hard time choosing which ones to use.

Photo found in the pattern – look at these colours!!
A garland made for Arthur’s teacher as a ‘Thank You’ present also made in Eco-Cotton.

Oooh almost there hahah. There are designs that I made this year that I still haven’t written up the patterns for….looks like next year is already starting with a ‘finish-list’ heheh whoopsie.

The latest design that I have actually released is the Salutations Mandala. The perfect piece for using up your cotton or cotton/blend stash (or just an excuse to buy more really). This pattern was one of patterns I designed for the crochet cruise. An overlay pattern full of texture and colour.

For some reason unknown to me, my camera know does this on my 18-55mm lens. Lucky I love using my 50mm one lol. (see it’s all blurry on the left)

I’m just about finished. I love looking more a photos than reading all the gobbly-de-goop stuff. So how about I wrap it up using photos and their captions…. sounds good to me! BUT it doesn’t mean it’s not as good as all the other stuff that has happened this year! Just easier to read sometimes.

Eco-Lush goodness. Here I’m making motifs..trying to find that ‘perfect’ piece for next year’s Crochet cruise! They keep evolving and I keep liking the most recent one the most every time haha
Look at that yarn. It’s so soft and squishy.
See this box of goodies from Texyarns! Well they are for me to try them out and make some beautiful pieces/projects from for the cruise. I seriously love these colours together and they feel so soft and yummy. Especially the Bellissimo (insert love hearts here and please let me have a bath with this yarn lol- no water obviously, just yarn)

So I’m going to finish this wrap up with one pattern that I know is going to be released next year! My next and new Crochet Along (CAL). I have loved this from day one and know you will too. I’m working on yarn packs with Stylecraft which will be available in a couple of different colourways and yarns. I’m super excited about this and cannot wait to share with you the finished piece.

ooh it’s only a small file so I hope it’s ok (I’ll add another photo below)
Here is a sample of what’s the come… (this yarn will not be used in the yarn packs)
This version doesn’t have the little ‘pop’ from the popcorns as this was the original.
What better way to end it (ok really finishing up here now) by sharing a couple of photos of the beautiful friendships I made onboard the cruise. It was just incredible to be surrounded by like-minded crazy crocheters. (they might not be as crazy as I, but still….) Here’s to making more friendships and memories next year. Happy New Year everyone xo

Delicious Crochet Shawls – a review

When Lisa Cook asked me to be a part of her blog tour, I jumped at the opportunity, mainly because I love her work but because I knew it was going to be an amazing book, and I needed to get my hands on it stat.

Well, I was right! And amazing book and the rest. It’s a bit different to Tuva’s other crochet books.  They layout is wonderful – so easy to follow along; the photography works very well, as I want to make at least one of everything and the patterns; well, without these amazing designs, there’d be no book, they are above and beyond ‘wow’.  And if you’re a visual person like myself, there’s charts! WIN WIN WIN!


One of my favourite things about the layout of this book, and other Tuva ones, is that there’s a double-page spread full of all of the projects with their page numbers. So it’s really easy to find the one you need at a quick glance.

Now in saying that, trying to decide on ONE project to start was nearly impossible. I think I began about three, (if you know me, you know I’m super indecisive), and finally rested upon the amazing Rhubarb Crumble.

Now, Tuva have been very clever to use to cover of the book in the way that they have. They placed the Stitches and Abbreviations used on it and it can be used as a bookmark and quick reference guide, instead of searching through all the other pages for it. Well done Tuva, I like it a lot! So if you’re a beginner, then don’t be scared at attempting anything in this book, thanks to this amazing little cover.

If you’re like me, you like to also look at beautiful photos of crochet all day. Then this book will certainly hit the right spot. Throughout the entire book, there are photos of all of the shawl being worn in full-shots and close ups. They are gorgeously lit, and definitely sell the patterns inside.

Lisa, is an amazing designer. I’ve always highly admired her shawls and now, I have a collection of 21 stylish designs all in one place. I know that I’ll definitely be making more from this book, hard part is choosing which ones.

Just a warning though….. make sure you’ve eaten before starting one of the shawls.. with names like ‘Honey Cake’, ‘Raspberry Ripple’, ‘Banana Split’, I’m sure you’ll want to take a bite of something sooner rather than later.



Due to a lot happening in my world of crochet (and real life), I’ve been super busy so I’ve only had a chance to make a start of Rhubarb Ripple. And what I love about this design, is the 4-round repeat. Makes crocheting it easy and I don’t have to keep referring back to the pattern every couple of rounds. So, late night crocheting is a breeze.

I am using a Scheepjes Whirl in Liquorice Yumyum and it’s turning out amazing. I cannot wait to see it finished (I’ll post an updated photo or two when it is).

So do I highly recommend this book to everyone, well of course I do! It’s one for all skill-levels.  A big congratulations to Lisa on her first book. I do think there will be more in the future, you can never have too many shawls (or crochet books).


Please do yourself a favour and go and buy this book. Available on Amazon and other good online book stores. I just googled it here if you want to click the link and see where you can get it from.

So happy hooking and much love,
Em xoxo

All aboard – Let’s go CROCHET CRUISING

Yes!!! You did read that correctly. There are such things as crochet cruises. Who would have thought!? Well not me until earlier this year when a fellow crocheter and owner of Crochet Australia departed on one in March.

What’s not to love about a crochet cruise? Food, fresh air and serious time for crochet, all whilst surrounded by fellow hookers and beautiful views. So I’d say that’s a big win.

The Celebrity Solstice is a 5 star cruise ship.

crochet cruise ship

Let me tell you a little bit about the cruise itself. In point-form as it’s just neater that way.

10-night cruise on Celebrity Solstice including all entertainment, main meals and onboard gratuities

    • Exclusive workshop venue bathed in natural light
    • Registration morning tea – welcome aboard and introduction
    • High quality ‘Welcome Kit’ containing the design of your choice, yarn and a selection of other quality crochet tools and accessories you’ll need – worth over $250
    • Extra yarn to make a blanket ‘square’ and other fun items for our charity auction
    • Choice of three workshops based on your skill level
    • Additional development workshops to add to your skills base
    • One-on-one assistance for your projects as required
    • 10 crochet workshops (two per sea day) with teachers to explain their designs and generally assist you with your work
    • Lounge ‘Hook up’ sessions on port days and sea days
    • Crochet related fun trivia and activities with prizes
    • Final ‘Grand Gala’ get together, awards, fun fashion parade & cocktail party

    Note: The crochet package is exclusive to Cruise Express guests who pre-book and cannot be purchased onboard.

AND if you book before 31st July, you’ll receive 50 balls of Scheepjes Catona yarn in 5 different colours.

Here is the link to their website with more information, including cabins and prices etc. 

This is where will be going… see below photo for Itinerary

crochet cruise map

29th Oct 2018 Sydney Depart 18:30
30th Oct 2018 Newcastle Arrive 08:00 – Depart 17:00
31st Oct 2018 At Sea
1st Nov 2018 At Sea
2nd Nov 2018 Airlie Beach  Arrive 07:00 – Depart 17:00
3rd Nov 2018 Cairns Arrive 09:00 – Depart 18:00
4th Nov 2018 Willis Island cruising
5th Nov 2018 At Sea
6th Nov 2018 Brisbane Arrive 08:00 – Depart 20:00
7th Nov 2018 At Sea
8th Nov 2018 Sydney Arrive 06:30

There will be 4 of my designs on board the Celebrity Solstice.

  • Beginner design for the workshop
  • Intermediate design for the workshop
  • Advanced design included in the crochet kit
  • And a special design… shhhh

Crochet Cruise bag

The Beginner’s design


The Intermediate design


The ‘special’ design

I’m super excited about this cruise and would love to meet you on board. I’ve got to get cracking a design the advanced pattern now… so until we meet again or first the first time, happy hooking.

Much Love,
Em xoxoxo

Jane’s Love – Pattern Out NOW

To buy this pattern CLICK HERE

I don’t remember the exact day that I stumbled upon Jane from @queen_babs on Instagram. I was probably just doing the usually scroll and something bright and beautiful no doubt caught my eye. Most likely one of her famous yarn bombs, because now, when I think of Jane, I foremost think of her beautiful contagious smile and then all of the colourful crochet work she has does.

Since then, our friendship via social media grew a little bit more with each comment and reply. To the point where I wanted to help Jane. If you don’t follow Jane or know a little bit about her, then here’s a bit of a background for you.

Jane lives with, and raises awareness about chronic illness. She needs a special chair and mobility equipment to help live and do everyday things.  Jane decided to raise funds by selling her patterns. The first one being the Lovebomb Christmas Ornament pattern.  A sweet pattern that can be made up in no time with endless colour possibilities. From there other patterns grew to which there is now four to choose from.


So last month an idea lit up in my brain. I wasn’t creating much at the time and had previously mentioned to Jane that I would love to design a pattern to help her reach (and hopefully smash) her goals.

Let me introduce to you ‘Jane’s Love’. A granny square pattern with so many possibilities; blankets, cushions, wall-hangings, even placemats. I like to think of Jane being the middle heart and we, the crochet community being the other hearts surrounding her with love and support. And the crochet in between, well that’s obviously all the glue that links us CROCHET haha.


I cannot wait to see this pattern worked up in every which way imaginable. Are you going to make the centre pop, or focus on the hearts? Will you make it in rainbow colours or colours that mean something to you? When you do make it PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use the hashtag #crochetjaneslove and #janeslove so that everyone can see it.

I want to leave you with a little snippet from one of Jane’s recent posts:

“Emily has designed this square to help raise funds for my wheelchair and mobility equipment. Maybe you are wondering why this is all happening. Everyone who has shown such support and friendship by buying my patterns has my utmost gratitude.
I decided to try to raise money myself when I couldn’t get any help via disability and illness agencies who are overstretched, overworked and underfunded and are being SHUT DOWN as NDIS supposedly takes over.
Even though I applied to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) ages ago, I am still waiting for a response. Luckily EnableNSW has stepped in to lend some assistance in the short term. Most programs are for over 65s and as I am only turning 52 in July, it would be a LONG wait.
This community continues to inspire me. Even in a rough week like this one, I have friends who care and that makes a big difference.
Thank you all for your support, friendship, kindness, likes and comments and for being part of my life. You are loved.”

So in Jane’s own words..
Kindness, creativity and community are the best! – Jane AKA Queen Babs

Please support Jane by purchasing a copy of this pattern.

Thanks for being amazing and let’s help Jane

Much Love,
Em xo


The Crochet Hook up – Taking over 365 days of Crochet Flowers

Some of you may have noticed that I’m no longer running the #365daysofcrochetflowers. It was a hard decision that had to be made.  I started off with a big plan and goal to make 365 flowers, basically one each day for the year. However, it took over my life. How? You ask, they are only small flowers? Well a lot is actually involved in designing and releasing a pattern no matter the size.

I’d often leave designing the flower for the next day, the night before after the usual-busy day with my children. And in the end, my brain was basically fried and I no longer loved to crochet. Even though no one was pressuring me, I still felt like I had this pressure and weight on my shoulders. I couldn’t let anyone down, especially all of the people following along each day.

So I decided to take a break from making them. In that time a friend and fellow crocheter named Natasha (Buttonnose Crochet) came to me and asked if I wanted some help. Well of course! How could I say ‘no’. From that grew the idea of involving other crocheters who either had wanted to design something and never had the chance, or more experienced pattern writers.

The crochet community came together and we formed the group “The Crochet Hook Up”.  It can be found on Instagram and Facebook. So if you’re thinking, ‘hmm I’d love to try and design a flower’, why not ask to join the Facebook group (The Crochet Hook Up Group).

Natasha, has since taken over full reign of the group and has been running it for me. And I’m so happy to say that my love for crochet has come back and hit me hard. (see my next post later in the week if you don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook).

I’m so very thankful to Tash and all the other members of the group. I have formed many new friendships and found that we are all basically the same; crazy crochet people who have a very very very strong obsession with yarn.

Here is the Facebook Page  and here is the Facebook Group, you will need to provide answers to join the group.

I hope you understand my reasons for stepping aside, and continue to follow the flowers throughout the rest of the year. They are certainly beautiful blooms.

Much love and happy hooking,
Em xoxo


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