Stonewashed Cora Headboard

Yep, you read that correct. I’ll be making a headboard for my bed from scratch.  Timber, measurements, and of course the ‘piece de resistance’ aka the crocheted part.  Currently I have an ensemble without anything fancy, and I have wanted to make a headboard for longer than I can remember. So let’s hope that I can accomplish what I envisage in my head.

Here you’ll be able to follow me step-by-step.  Of course so far, I have the yarn, that’s most important part, right?? (but of course). I know you want to see a photo so get a load of this little beauty.


Don’t worry, I will tell you all the colours soon. I haven’t even done in measurements yet, I have had a quick research of how I’ll be doing it, so I hope it all goes smoothly ;).

The plan for the Cora squares is to gradually blend from one shade to the other, so say for instance, I start with the blue, then work through the greens, to the yellows etc. This is how I have always seen it happening in my head. Oh I just remembered to let you know that this is the reason I designed my Cora square. I wanted something simple that had that little something special. And of course, if you know me by know, you’ll know that I love the popcorn stitch. I love texture. So there you go 🙂 you know the reason behind my craziness.

I’m currently working out a joining method that I can use that has a bit of texture, just to break up the squares, there’s a high possibility that I’ll change my mind and use something simple. But we are far from joining, so plenty of time to ponder and change my mind a million times.

The last 5 days have been a whirlwind of doctors and hospital visits due to William being unwell.  So obviously my priority was lots of cuddles and kisses. Not much crocheting happened at all. Thankfully, this morning we have seen some improvement and whilst he slept on the lounge next to me, I was able to whip up a few squares and actually see my plan falling into place. Here’s a little look-see 🙂


I’m still not sure I’ll be using all of the colours pictured here. We’ll have to wait and see 

As some of you know, this is my first ever try of Scheepjes anything. And I’m in love. I’ve wanted Stonewash for so long, it’s nice to be able to finally try it. It is nothing like I expected it to be. It has a little ‘fluffiness’ to it, but altogether it’s lovely and soft. And I think that you could make anything in it and it would feel divine.

Here is a close up of this beautiful yarn, in one of my favourite colours, I just wish there were more ‘blue’ shades available.


Isn’t it just divine!!!! *SWOOOOON*

So there you have it! The reason behind my first ever bundle of Stonewash and my Cora square.  I’ll be slightly updating the current pattern to include how to do the stitches, I tend to assume that everyone knows how to make all the stitches, so my bad, I apologise. I also plan to update the photos too.  Because you can never have to many photos of crochet pieces.

I cannot wait to start this little project, I really hope it comes together nicely. So stay tuned and follow this journey as I go. I plan to start real soon 😀

** If you would like to purchase the Cora Granny Square Pattern please head here **

*** And for those following me on Instagram as well, I’m happy to let you know that the Cora Baby Blanket Pattern update will be available real soon, special thanks to Courtney from Spin A Yarn 32 ***

Happy Hooking,
Emily 🙂 xoxo

‘Cora’ the baby blanket

Good morning, ok so now it’s afternoon lol.

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you’ll see that I have shared the most beautiful little squares that Courtney from Spin A Yarn 32. She is making my Cora pattern into a baby blanket for her cousin and I am so excited to see the finished result, I have loved watching her progress every step of the way.

I’m going to share some progress photos of her amazing work. I’ll let the photos do the talking as they are lovely in their own right. If you’d like to follow her progress you can do so on her Instagram account, her Facebook Page and of course on Ravelry. Her blog is Not All Who Wonder Are Lost 32.

I will post an update of the finished blanket too. Because I know you’d like to see the result just as much as I do.


I absolutely love the colour selection and placement. It’s going to be a wonderful blanket!

If you are wanting to make a Cora granny square too, follow the link to purchase from Ravelry. Thanks muchly. It’s only $1.00 AUD.

Happy Hooking and I hope you enjoyed this rainbow.
– EM xoxo


Succulents and Propagation

This morning I was gazing into the beauty of that which is my succulents. Bathing in what now is the Winter sun and trying to keep warm. Oh that was me, not the succulents lol. It’s a bit fresh this morning and is officially the first day of Winter.

A couple of weeks ago a read a blog post by Needles + Leaves on Succulent Propagation. And from gaining the knowledge in the post, I was able to recognise that my succulents were in DESPERATE (caps intended) need of propagation. I went to grab my kitchen scissors because I don’t own gardening ones as I’m also growing my green thumb. Got my trusty paper towel and after looking everywhere for something suitable for them to callous on, I ended up using a couple of cardboard boxes lol.


Callous you beautiful things you!

I’ve admired many succulent mandalas on Instagram and Pinterest and have always wanted to make one. Today was that day! With 2/3 of my boys sitting on the sideline, watching Mummy carefully place each and every leaf in the exact spot and cringing every time was one accidentally knocked, the succulent mandala was complete.


Succulent Mandala 

It’s nothing like the amazing ones on social media but what is more amazing is the fact that hopefully each and every leaf will produce pups. New life, new beginnings, new plants and it only cost me about half an hour from leaf extraction to photograph.

If you are inspired like I was, and what to know more about Succulent Propagation, head on over to Needles + Leaves. They also have a beautiful Instagram account, ahh the inspiration and beauty overload makes my heart flutter.

So here are some more happy snaps of these amazing, (yes she said that word again) but I’m too excited to look up ‘amazing’ on lol. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did taking them.





Does anyone know what this one is called and how/where it grows pups?

Aren’t they just beautiful plants!!



Look at all the new life I hold in my hand!

I do have more photos, but they are basically the same as these but slightly different angles. I mean, I do take a lot of photos to find the one I love the most.

Much love,
Em xo

‘Colorful Crochet’ in review…

I cannot remember the last time I reviewed a book.  It’s highly likely that I was still in some form of schooling haha. BUT this is definitely not like a boring book review you did back then… THIS is like being a kid in a candy store!

If you’re like me, (chances are you’re very similar to me because you follow me hehe and like to hook too), then you know what I mean. I love books, especially new books and CROCHET books. Who doesn’t? Is that really even a question I need to ask? hehe.


So the lovely Marianne Dekkers-Roos asked if I would take part in a blog tour and review her amazing book. Did I just give away too much? Well it is amazing. The detail she has put into her patterns in above and beyond. Each one has a little write up about the pattern, offers little handy tips and sometimes even how the designs came about.

Beautiful photographs of the crocheted items are what I’m drawn to. And I love flipping through books over and over again, sometimes I smell them, because that ‘new book’ smell is almost as good as a yarn delivery hehe.



Look at the beautiful, genuine smile 😀

Each pattern has a chart, written instructions and tips, notes and colours used. So if you’re wanting to create the exact piece Marianne made, all the information is right there for you.

There are designs for all levels of crochet ability in ‘Coloful Crochet’ and if you are a beginner it is easy to teach yourself something that you may find challenging due to those charts and beautiful photographs.


I simply cannot wait to make more pieces from this book. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to start their own crochet book collection, or those wanting to add to it. There are enough designs to keep you busy all year round; great gift ideas and ones that you will really want to keep yourself.


I think I even love the ‘wrong side’/back of this pattern even more 

So there you have it! A crochet book with amazing patterns, beautiful photographs and something for everyone at any technical level. I’m so thankful and lucky to have been able to be a part of this blog tour and have my very own copy.

You can pre-order yours from AMAZON by clicking this link.  I know you’ll love it as much as I do.

You can enter my current giveaway to receive one copy (open to those in Australia) on my Instagram account @theloopystitch. A winner will be drawn tomorrow (Thursday 9:30am AEST)

Much love, happy hooking,
Em xoxo

Look after yourself!

Last Wednesday I went in for an ultrasound on my breasts. After months of pain (which worsened in time) thinking it was just hormones I finally asked told my doctor and he sent me to get it checked. Turns out there is a lump there which sticks out a bit more than normal. So tomorrow I go off for a biopsy and find out whether it’s benign or malignant.

I want to share this with you to bring awareness to ourselves. It’s often that we tend not to listen to our bodies, more so when we have children (because we’re too busy looking after them), we tend to put ourselves last. So if there’s something concerning you, please go and get it checked out, even if there isn’t anything concerning you, check yourself or spread the word to family and friends for them to do the same.

I’ve had my ups and downs and debated whether or not I should share this, but I don’t think it’s something that should be hidden or dealt with secretly. Even if one of you listens and gets a check up I feel like I’m bringing awareness to ourselves and hope that it helps in the slightest.

Now you know the reason behind why I am not really in the mood for crocheting, sometimes I can just sit there and zone out for a bit, other times I try and keep myself distracted by being busy doing things around the house.

But to leave you on a positive note… TOMORROW (YES TOMORROW) I will be giving away a copy of Marianne’s book Colorful Crochet (Australia wide only sorry). So stay tuned for that post.

(I have to have a photo of something crochet related here lol xoxo)


‘Colorful Crochet’ Book Blog Tour

So this amazing thing happened. I was asked to be apart of a blog tour to launch the book ‘Colorful Crochet’ by Marianne Dekkers-Roos, her very first crochet pattern book.

On the 31st May I’ll be running a giveaway where you could WIN a free copy of her book.    I’m also making one of the patterns from the book and I’ll be sharing sneak peeks of it on my Instagram and Facebook Page till the giveaway.

You can follow the blog tour, where 39 other crocheters with Instagram and blogs etc will also be running their own giveaways. For more information about who is on what day etc please check out Marianne’s blog.


Not only did Marianne write this book, she also models some of her fantastic patterns. Her smile is so genuine and contagious, I can’t help but smile every time I see it 🙂


Gorgeous wee little circles…sneaky peek sneaky peek about to become…


Little flower motifs that will become….

Well you’ll have to wait till the 31st May for that one.
Don’t forget I’m giving away ONE COPY in English. So stay tuned and enjoy crocheting.

P.s I thought I’d show you that I usually take at least 15+ photos of the same thing, different angles, lighting, focus etc till I like one lol. Here’s the final three I had for the wee little circles photo. And in the end, I just chose the last one because I couldn’t decide lol. I know there are others like me out there lol….


Ahh the life of an indecisive person…

Anyhow, that’s me for now. I’ve got to get dinner started, two of the boys are playing in mud, sand and with water outside… they are having a blast. I don’t know who is enjoying it more, Charlie or William or ME hahaha.

Till next time, happy hooking and I’m sending productivity dust your way.

Em xoxo

A bit about what I’ve been doing…

Howdy doody! It’s me again… well obviously. I have this goal to post more often and if possible even regularly. But most of the time I feel as though I have nothing to say. And then as it turns out, once I get on a roll, I sometimes can’t shut myself up lol. (This could be due to the lack of adult interaction I have haha). So in saying all of this… I’m going to take baby steps to try and be more interactive and post more. Even if it it’s once a week, I’m winning!!

I always get a bit overwhelmed with where I begin… so I’ll try and take myself back to just after my last post, my Instagram account will jog my bad memory. **Runs off to find phone and look up Instagram**…..

…. I have the perfect photo to start with what I’ve been up to… hehe


See! I told you it was perfect. So I needed to take some photos of some sneaky crochet work that I’d been doing and Willybum certainly wasn’t let me going to do it without a fuss. In the end I got what I needed done and we were all happy because I got lots of cuddles and so did he lol.

A few years back before I picked my hook back up, I was a little addicted to succulents. Maybe a little more than a little addicted but shhh don’t tell anyone, because apparently you can’t kill them.. but I pretty much did. BUT there is good news… the ones I didn’t kill, I looked after on a minimal level and they are still alive and growing. I’d been thinking about propagating some and increasing my succulent stash. (Say that 10 times over really quick, Succulent stash succulent stash.. gee even typing it over and over is hard haha) So I finally went and picked some leaves (I don’t know the proper terminology) and ta da…..


This was two weeks ago and this (below is today)…


IT GREW, well most of the leaves I picked have… Pity they are almost all off the same plant, but that doesn’t matter. I’m wanting to increase my indoor plants anyway, I currently have none lol. Does anyone have recommendations for indoor plants? I’m in Queensland, Australia in the land down under… would love to hear of any.

So apart from literally watching my leaves grow ‘pups’ and checking them everyday, a few times a day, most of the family has been sick and is finally almost back to being well again. (That week was a very long one).

Since my last post, I also received my very first Wolltraum yarn!! Yep you read correctly, very first. And let me tell you, it’s divine and amazing and I love it! Here’s what I got…


It’s beautiful isn’t it! I told you so. More than beautiful and I just happen to be making my Winifred Shawl from the smaller cake (I am up to my second colour in it, love how it changes). Here’s a photo I took when I started….


The chai latte and biscuits were yummy. I eventually got to eat them haha. It’s hard to crochet and eat at the same time when you are in a good rhythm. Food can wait. Crochet comes first lol.

Last year, I joined in to make a Mandala – A – Day! Needless to say, I didn’t keep up with it unfortunately as life got a little busier then… but I have decided to release one of my patterns. I got inspiration from my Winter Pyjamas and tried my best to make a mandala out of them. Here’s the mandala….


Luckily I searched the entire house, looked in all my secret stashes and nooks and crannies and finally found the finished piece because I had not written the entire pattern down. It tends to happen when I get on a good roll. So I plan to release this pattern very soon too. I will probably release Winifred first though. Just so you know.

That pretty much sums up everything I can tell you about. Secret crochet stuff will have to wait till another day.

But wait, I want to quickly tell you about my latest thing on Instagram… Well it’s not MY thing but something I will be doing hopefully weekly and that’s sharing my CROCHET CRUSH!!!

The very first Crochet Crush I shared was Mandy from @crochetbyredagape :O if you haven’t checked out her account, then you need to stop reading now and go and have a sneaky peek. Trust me, you will be amazed! She has a blog too. Here’s the link to it…ENJOY

I shall leave you at that whilst I go and finish a test piece that I’m doing. Enjoy your weekend and I hope you get lots of hooking time. Have a wonderful night/day/etc.

EDIT – I was just about to post this then remembered I was meant to tell you that I’ve added a crochet chart to my Cora Pattern. So now it comes with written instructions, step-by-step photos and a chart. I’ll leave you with a photo because I love the pattern 😀 Thanks for reading my post xox0

Happy Hooking,
Emily xoxo

Meet Winifred, my first Shawl pattern

Hi there, I’m still here lol. Just busy busy with secret crochet projects and the usual hustle and bustle of life as a mother of three boys (sometimes four if you count their father). I introduce you to my first ever shawl, and item of clothing other than beanies and cowls/scarves. It was so nice to be able to do something a little different. And after making this one, I know I want to design more.

She’s named after my great-grandmother, whom my mother tells me is where I got my creativity from. She used to crochet and knit, do mosaics and was a tailor and dress maker among other things. So I thought it fitting to name it after her.

I am waiting on some Woltraum yarn so I can make it in a particular colour-way. I’m super excited as I’ve never used this yarn before and I can’t wait to see what it will look like.

But until my order arrives I’ll be working on the neat ripple I’m making for a friend. The pattern is from Attic24. You can check it out here.

Just thought I’d stop by and share some happy snaps, because as they say ‘A photograph is worth 1000 words’.

Until next time, happy hooking. I’m off to take the boys to the park and then back home to make another batch of Anzac cookies which were demolished before they cooled down lol. xoxo


Yarn that I’m loving at the moment!

Some time last year, I purchased my first ever supply of DMC yarns. I have the DMC Natura Just Cotton (4 ply / fingering weight) and DMC Natura Just CHUNKY!!

Since then, it’s been the main yarn on my hook. I love working with cotton, it would have to be my favourite type of yarn to work with without a doubt.

The chunky yarn works up so quick and we all know that’s an added bonus, sometimes crocheting anything feels like it takes an eternity to do. But with this yarn it’s a breeze. I also love the fact that I work in a bigger hook too. It always feels so different to begin with, but once I’m in that rhythm, it becomes the norm. It has a lovely appearance and pattern of the ply once it has been hooked. Kind of like mini rope without the spiral. I’m probably not making any sense now.  Below is a photo I think I’ve shared before but I love that you can see how soft it is in this photo.


P.s I’m a shocker when it comes to reading, I’m like ‘Yes I want this book, I’ll read it, and then I’ll get this one and that…’ but by the time I actually get around to reading anything, it’s bedtime and I usually get one paragraph in (If I’m lucky) before I start nodding off and the book starts to fall and hit me in the face. So, nope, haven’t finished this book either, or ‘The Wrong Girl’ or An Doh’s book 😦 I hope to be able to finish reading a book one day soon. Anyway, back to crochet related stuff.


So I just mentioned the CHUNKY yarn, now it’s time to take a moment and mention it’s cousin, Just Cotton: The most, dainty, wonderful silky cotton I have worked with. It doesn’t get all fluffy after a while, has the most wonderful stitch definition, holds the stitches beautifully and the colours it comes in 😍😍😍😍😍 is like going to heaven. If you have yarn in your heaven 😜.

Obviously, it takes a bit longer to crochet with this yarn because of the weight and hook size, I really prefer a 3.75mm hook with it, it feels just right. It does recommend a 3 on the packaging, but I’m a rebel. Sometimes. Not often lol. I have something I really want to make in this yarn. I only just designed the pattern, now I have to choose the colours, which for someone who is VERY indecisive will take me forever. I’ll share some photos of what I’ve made in this most glorious and luscious yarn.


This is my newest pattern, ‘Cora’, you can purchase her here if you want to.


I can’t wait to reveal these blankets to you. This is some of my sneaky crochet work I’ve been doing. Seriously though, look at those colours! They are just amazing.




Last week I actually used my Ikea Raskog trolley for the first time! I have had it for over 4 months now. I quickly put my DMC stash in it while William was sleeping, well, then he woke up and I rushed to get this photo and then hid the trolley. He loves to push everything and anything around. It doesn’t have to have wheels. So that’s why I have taken so long to use it. The thought my son running around the house pushing my stash lol. I can’t deal with that lol.

So as you can see, not much else has been on my hook except DMC cotton for the last few months. At night time, when the children are in bed and before I start falling asleep on the lounge, I’m crocheting with Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton. That yarn, is the softest cotton I have worked with, like butter, but you couldn’t really crochet with butter. But that’s what it’s like on my hook. I also love that. My CAL (crochet a long, once I get myself all up to date and organised) is made of it 😄😄😄. Here’s a photo of that just because I can lol.


School holidays is still going for one more week here, so once the children and I am back in our normal routine, I plan to knock a few things of my wip list and get the ball started on this one. (p.s this is not a finished photo, about halfway) Wish you could feel how soft that cotton is.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who often decides on what sheets, towels, items of clothing, OBVIOUSLY YARN to buy on how something feels lol. Very tactile and texture-y. lol. I’m hoping to start blogging a little bit more regularly too with more frequent free patterns and tips and tricks and techniques. Don’t judge me, I’m no expert, just sharing what I know and how I do things crochet related. Till my next post, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. HAPPY HOOKING!!

Em xoxo 🤗

Happy Belated 2017

Eeeew wow! It’s almost the end of January, but it’s better late than never, right? Happy New Year hehe. Unfortunately I don’t have too much to report as I’ve been super busy behind the scenes of crocheting, being mum and having the children home for school holidays. BUT today my eldest starts Year 2!! I don’t know who is more excited; him or me? lol.

I have been trying this new thing called a Bullet Journal. I want to get back on top of things, housewife/mother sort of stuff. And this amazing little journal is helping me do just that. I have had it for just over a week and it’s amazing. You can put absolutely anything in it. Kind of like my brain/memory really. My house is staying clean, and I’m on top of things! There is so much I want to do with this little book.


If you haven’t heard of one, I highly recommend looking them up on Pinterest or Instagram. Speaking of Instagram, I have created a new account for just that, my account is @bulletjournalmum. There aren’t many posts, but I’m learning and hope that I can inspire others out there.


I can’t wait to do a crochet related list!! Who doesn’t love lists? Seeing everything right there in one spot!

In the coming months I hope to release my first cal!! So keep posted. I’ll put a photo below of what it looks like in this point in time…. it’s still to grow though 🙂


Best getting going now and pack the kids into the car!! Have a wonderful week wherever you are and I hope you are hooking madly xo