It’s been too long…

Howdy doody! I cannot believe it’s been over 2 months since I have posted. Bit slack but I have been so busy with trying to heal and crochet and do everything else I’m supposed to do.

I would firstly like to say a big thank you to my followers! I have cracked the 100 mark. I didn’t think anyone would want to follow me, but I’m so very glad you do. I love to share my love of crochet and try and inspire you.

Goodness me where to start, I’ve been crocheting here and there and have only just gotten back to feeling nearly 100% again. It’s taken a long time, a lot long than I thought it would. I guess it doesn’t help when you don’t get sleep at night which is when your body heals. Lucky I love that boy! He is 10 months old already. Crazy how fast time flies. Anyhow back to what I’ve been doing. I’ll post a few photos, as I believe they are sometimes more interesting than my gobble-de-goop (babble that just falls out constantly).


So the photo above is the ‘look’ I’ve been wanting to achieve for a while and I finally got it! I hope you like it as much as I do. I got these amazing ‘props’ (they are real things too) from Kmart πŸ™‚ Love Kmart.


What’s the next best thing to crocheting? YARN we all love it. And I got a nice to top up to my stash. This yarn is amazing. It’s DMC Natura Just Cotton and Natura XL. They are both amazing to work with and the stitch definition :O like WOW, it holds beautifully. Highly recommend this gorgeous material.


If it’s not clear yet, I love yarn. Maybe slightly obsessed with it. Here’s my Instagram post that I wrote to go along with this amazing photo (if I do say so myself) hehe. (This post could literally go on and on)

~~ I’d like to take this moment in time to talk about yarn. When I first started crocheting I called yarn ‘wool’. Β It wasn’t until I started exploring the craft stores more and gaining more knowledge after crocheting for a while did I realise there were many types of yarn. Β How amazing is yarn!!! Like so awesome πŸ˜‚ I would marry it if I could, ok so maybe not marry it but having an endless supply would be pretty close.
Without yarn of any type how could we crochet the amazing things we make? This long piece of material along with a short funny thing with a hook on the end and tadaaa the possibilities are now endless as your imagination (or someone else’s hehe).Β I think crochet is amazing but without yarn we couldn’t do it. So this is to thank the yarn for being there, offering their services so that we can put our creativity to good use and keep our sanity in check.
I love yarn. I am a yarn addict but it’s ok. I can acknowledge it and am happy to shout it out at the top of my voice to all and any who are around me at the time. They may look at me a little oddly but that’s fine by me. Why? Because I LOVE YARN πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I love photographing yarn, feeling yarn, using yarn, and especially storing yarn. I love to sort it in colours and look at how pretty it is. I love yarn.
I do have favourites, mostly cotton as it’s easy to crochet all year round especially when hot and humid. I don’t want to offend the other types of yarn so I won’t mention any more favourites πŸ˜‰.
So thank you yarn once again. I do love you. πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. ~~

I think deep down we all share that love for yarn. Admit it, you are just a little bit freaky like me! hehe


Look how amazing yarn is. It just has to sit there and tadaaa, it makes you fall in love.


Even these colours which I don’t normally go for are making me fall in love too. So maybe I love all yarn in any colour, but it has to be a good combination. I’m a bit funny like that, I will mix balls together and see which ones really stand out and compliment each other, or compliment each other by being the contrast or opposite. I am at a loss for the correct words but this photo says enough.


Like these colours 😍. I have a thing for pastels and then pop a brighter shade in there and BAM even more 😍😍 in love. See how nicely the stitch looks made in this yarn!!


Well this here is today’s Instagram post ‘Every Monday morning needs a rainbow’. Recognise this blanket? One of the brightest things I have ever crocheted. The Mexican Inspired Crochet Blanket which I made for my hubby-t0-be is now getting put to use! I will have to make his car another blanket next year. But in the mean time we get to see the beauty of this one a lot more often.

You can make your very own one, my FREE pattern for this blanket is HERE. Β It’s such an easy blanket to make and the layout is all done for you. You can of course design your own.

I’m going to end with a photo of my Wheel of Hope Mandala, a larger version of this FREE pattern. Β I really love this mandala and am going to add it to my list of to-do’s to make more. I will have to write up the rest of the pattern to make it larger. On the to-do list again lol. Till next time, Happy Hooking πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™.


Concussion and crochet

Sooo I have an ongoing concussion, insert lots and lots of sobbing. I know it’s crazy! I slipped on the weekend and hit my head hard on the tiles. I went back to the doctors yesterday and I am not allowed to crochet till I am better, whenever that will be…. I also have to rest and not concentrate…. bit hard with 3 kids under 7. I am trying my best but going a little, okay a lot stir crazy. A crochet addict not able to crochet arghhhhhh. 

So in the mean time, till I can hook again I will be thinking of all the wonderful things crochet related. No doubt there will be a lot because I can’t hook. 

Here is what I have been up to until the weekend… hope you like it as much as I. 

I started my first ever neat ripple blanket. Pattern by the lovely Lucy from Attic24. If you haven’t checked her out then you must. Go now right now. Well maybe after you’ve read this post. 

I am using Bendigo Woollen Mills 8 ply cotton. And if you haven’t ordered any yarn from then you must. Such beautiful quality and the colours in the ranges are amazing. 

Yes you see it right. Yarn glorious yarn! DMC Natura Cotton to be more precise. I was having a play with it the morning I hit my head. It has a beautiful texture and the stitch definition is amazing. And the colours available …. oh my goodness. So many to choose from. Yarn heaven at its best. This was my birthday present to myself, the best kinda present. I ordered it from Love Crochet. 

I also started playing with the DMC Natura XL. Then my Constance Hall book arrived. Worth the wait. If you haven’t checked her out, you must (I see a pattern forming here) like seriously, this amazing woman is such an inspiration. Tells it as it is, like we all think but either refrain from saying or filter it before it comes out of our mouths. She’s on Instagram, Facebook and her blog, just click the link. 

You know sometimes you can get the sense knocked into you. It’s true! Like whenI hit my head. It was hard and I got a whole lotta crojo smack-banged right in there. This is what happens when crojo comes at you when suffering a concussion. I made this before I got told crocheting was a BIG no-no. Needless to say it’s now made it to my wips pile. And it will stay  there with all my other wips (at least they can keep each other company) until I’m all good and well again. 

Thanks for reading! Oh and about my crochet along…. I obviously can’t add anything just yet. I will as soon as I can. Happy Hooking xoxo


Choose your cal design.Β 

At the start of the year I set myself a goal to design a cal (crochet along). I started one, then decided to change it a bit and made two versions. Now I need your help in choosing which design should be released. I am asking my Instagram followers and a group on Facebook too, so the design with the most votes will win. Here are the two designs. Number 1 is the yellow one,  number 2 is the blue.  Please comment with your vote. Thank you for helping choose the cal design. 

Crochet Mandala A Day

Spring is here (in the Southern Hemisphere anyway) πŸ˜€ and what better way to celebrate than crochet a mandala every day for the month of September.

This idea is the brainchild from Leah from Snakewood Designs. Β She asked me the other day if I would like to join in and play as well. It’s like asking a chocaholic if they would like a piece of chocolate? Do they really need to give you an answer?

So here we find ourselves making something beautiful from a simple idea. Which I would love to see take off and have heaps of fellow crocheters join in! There are no set rules, so don’t feel pressured to make one EVERY day. Only if you can.

At the end of every week, I’m going to do a photo collage here of all the beautiful mandalas and link the work to their respective makers. So here’s what you have to do….

1. Crochet a mandala, either every day, every couple of days, once a week, WHENEVER it suits you!
2. Post your photo on either Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag #crochetmandalaaday. Your account must be made Public in order for me to see the beautiful creations. OR you can post it onto my Facebook page.

I got asked this morning what is mandala? My answer (in my opinion) was anything in a roundish shape… now google’s definition is a little different to mine:Β a circular figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism.Β Hey it still has that round part! Of course if you are wanting to crochet a mandala true to it’s definition I highly recommend the Mandala Madness by Helen Shrimpton. It’s a work of art!

I will also be releasing FREE mandala patterns too. At this stage I’m thinking once a week unless I can find some more time. The first one I’m releasing is the one pictured below.

So that’s basically it! Crochet something roundish and hashtag #crochetmandalaaday. I cannot wait to see what you come up with.

Thanks for reading and Happy Crocheting xo


Crochet Dream Catcher

Howdy Doody! I thought I’d share a new pattern with you all. So here it is… (this photo is of the crocheted work facing the wrong way, I put the ribbon on back to front πŸ˜‰Β  )

– I used Patons 4ply Cotton in Black
– 3.25mm recommended hook
– Scissors
– Yarn needle
– 10 inch / 25.5cm hoop (bought this one from Lincraft for the Aussies)
– Ribbon or lace for detail

– This pattern is written in US terms
– Not as hard as you think πŸ˜‰

Stitches and Abbreviations Used:
– sc = single crochet
– ch = chain
– ch sp = chain sp
– dc = double crochet
– dc2tog = double crochet 2 together
-dc3tog = double crochet 3 together
– tr = treble
-sl st = slip stich


1: Make magic ring, ch3, 15dc in ring, join with sl st (16sts)

2: ch4 counts as dc + ch1, (dc + ch1) in each st around join with sl st (16sts)
3: sl st to ch sp, ch2 counts as start of dc2tog, dc in same sp, ch5, (dc2tog + ch5) in each ch sp around, join with sl st to first dc2tog (16 loops)

4: sl st in first 2 sts of ch5, sc into ch sp, ch7, *(sc in next sp + ch7)* repeat around, join with sl st to first sc (16 loops)

5: sl st in first 3 sts of ch7, sc into ch sp, ch 9, *(sc in next sp + ch9)* repeat around, join with sl st to first sc (16 loops)

6: sl st in first 4 sts of ch9, ch3, 3dc in same sp, ch3, (5dc + ch3) in each sp around, finish with last dc in the first loop, this will be crocheted over the sl st (16x 5dcs)

7: sl st in next to sts so that you are in the middle dc from previous round, ch2Β  counts as sc + ch1, *(dc, ch3, dc) in next sp, ch1, sc in middle dc from previous round, ch1* repeat around 14 more times, (dc, ch3, dc) in next sp, ch1, join to first sc with sl st.

8: ch3 counts as sc + ch2, *(dc3tog, ch2, dc3tog) in next ch3 sp, ch2, sc into sc from previous round, ch2*, repeat around 14 more times, (dc3tog, ch2, dc3tog) in next sp, ch2, join with sl st to 1st ch of ch3 at the beginning of the round.

9: ch7, counts as tr + ch3, tr in same st, ch1, *(dc, ch3, dc) in sp between dc3togs from previous round, ch1, (tr, ch3, tr) into sc from previous round, ch1* repeat around 14 more times, (dc, ch3, dc) in next sp between dc3tog, ch1, join with sl st to the 4th ch.

10: *(2sc, ch2, 2sc) in ch3 sp, sc in next ch1 sp*, repeat around and join with sl st to first sc. Cut, secure yarn and weave in end.

To attach to hoop, cut a piece of yarn the same material that you just used about 1m/40 inches. Thread onto needle, insert needle through ch2 sp of any ‘point’ made in the last round, holding the crocheted part inside the hoop, thread needle under hoop, bringing it back over the top and into the next ch2 sp, repeat around and fasten off, weave in yarn.

Cut ribbon/lace into desired length and attach to bottom oh hoop using a slip knot method. I think it’s called something like that, Fold ribbon in half and insert the middle (loop part) through the sp created when attaching crocheted part to hoop, pull wrap over the ‘legs’ of the ribbon, they just look like hanging legs to me lol, so that it creates a loop. Kind of like when you attach tassels to blankets, my brain has gone blank, I am not even sure if you call them tassels now lol. Sleep deprivation will do that to you.

I hope you enjoy making your own dream catcher – they are a lot easier than you think they would be. Emily πŸ™‚


The Lace and Bloom Square available to purchase Β 

It’s finally live and I couldn’t be happier with it. Thank you very much to my testers, your help and hard work has not gone unnoticed. I really appreciate you and what you do.

You can purchase the pattern by clicking ‘buy now’Β Β button or by clicking thisΒ link.

The colours I used for these squares are Stylecraft Special DK:
Cloud Blue
Duck Egg

I hope you enjoy making these squares and remember I’m always here to help.


My Lace and Bloom pattern is about to be released.Β 

Good morning. I am very excited to share with you my newest design ‘Lace and Bloom’.  It’s a beautiful, textured granny square that I am love with and I hope you will be too. It’s currently in its final testing stages so once the all clear is given, it’ll be available for purchase. 

I am currently making it into a blanket, so once that is also finished, I will be adding the option of buying the square by itself or the blanket pattern. That one may be a few weeks away though.  

Here are some happy snaps of the squares being made and finished. I will let you know as soon as the pattern is released.  Enjoy!  

Crochet Crown Pattern

Hello fellow hookers! I’ve been meaning to post this pattern for a long time.Β  I had even taken a photo of the pattern I’d previously written, which I searched everywhere for to not avail… one of my pattern books is MIA lol. There are many variations for this easy pattern and every time I crochet a crown, it changes hmm. So in saying that, you can pretty much change stitches for different effects.


So here is the pattern for this particular crown.

When working out how many centimetres or inches to make the chain which determines the base of the crown, you can either measure the circumference, or use a crochet chart with measurements HERE. Say for example 43cm is William’s circumference, I would chain 41cm, making sure the chains you crochet is about 2cm/1 inch smaller than the circumference. This allows for the crown to stretch and fit cosy on the head and not be too big. Pattern written in US terms.


*8 ply / dk yarn – scraps will do, depending on how big the circumference is, 50g is more than plenty.
*4mm hook
* Scissors
* Yarn needle

You can use whichever yarn and hook size go together. This is just what is readily available in Australia. Your number of chains will differ slightly.


For Will’s crown, I crocheted a chain of 67. Joined with a slip stitch to the back of the 1st chain. See photo below.


Ch1, hdc in same st as slip stitch, hdc in each stitch around, making sure you crochet into the back of the chain, not the front side. It creates a nice neat edge with no holes. Slip stitch to first hdc made. (If you wanted a thicker band, you could opt to crochet dc, or tr for these rows) When you are just about finished making the first round of hdc’s, either count how many you have already made, so you know how many you have left to go. As I found, I was making an extra hdc into the back of the first one I’d made. Here you can see 3 back loops, however you don’t crochet into the 3rd one (which is part of what you’ve already done, hope that makes sense) See photo below.


2. Ch1, hdc in same st, hdc in each stitch around, join with sl st. (for this example 67 sts)

3. Ch5 (counts as tr and ch1), sk st, *tr in next st, ch1, sk st*, repeat around, finishing with tr in the last st which is directly next to the ch5. Join with sl st.

4. (sc, dc, tr, {picot – ch1, sl st to front loop of tr just made}), in first ch1 space, (tr, dc, sc) in next ch sp, sl st in next ch sp, so *[(sc, dc, tr, picot) in next sp, (tr, dc, sc) in next sp], sl st in next st* repeat around, finishing with a sl st to 1st sc. Fasten off and weave in ends. This creates 11 points.

I tried really hard to make the design finish without having 2 tr’s at the back of the crown but nothing I tried worked. So my ocd was ignored quite difficultly whilst writing this pattern.

I will write up the other pattern to the larger crown when I can get a few minutes and I remember. Basically the possibilities are endless. I have other designs in the works to share with you soon too. Nothing flash, just a little different.


Pattern to come for photo above. Enjoy and happy hooking. Look forward to seeing what you make, if you have Instagram please #theloopystitch #theloopystitchcrown or share you photo/s on my Facebook page – The Loopy Stitch Crochet Designs. Thank you πŸ™‚

Easy Crochet Hearts

‘Crochet Heart’, two words which I have searched many times over and over, never really falling for any designs πŸ˜‰ get it? lol ok, enough lame jokes.Β  Last week I offered my services to Mr A’s teacher to make some hearts for Mother’s Day, and once again searched those two little words for inspiration or better yet, a pattern that was already available.Β  Nothing was tickling my fancy like usual so I thought I’d have a play and see what I could make.Β  As promised earlier today on Instagram, here is the pattern…

Materials: Your choice of yarn and corresponding hook size and some scissors.

US terms
Round 1:
Side 1: Make a magic ring, ch3, 3tr, 3dc, ch1, tr
Side 2: ch1, 3dc, 3tr, ch3, sl st to magic ring. Do not pull the magic ring closed yet.
Round 2:
Sl st in each of the ch3 from side 1 in round 1, 3sc in 1st tr, 2sc in next tr, sc in next 4 stitches, sc in top of the chain stitch (see photo if unsure), (sc, ch1, sl st to front loop of tr, sc) in tr, sc in top of the chain stitch, sc in next 4 stitches, 2sc in next st, 3sc in last tr, sl st in each of the ch3 going into the centre of the heart. Cut yarn and pull through.
Now you can pull the end of the yarn you just cut through the centre of the heart to the back, close magic ring tight, making sure that the heart sits nicely.

Easy Heart Step by Step



So there you have it, an easy crochet heart. I hope you enjoy making plenty of these. Feel free to tag me in your post if you share on Instagram. xo



Crochet Mexican Blanket Continued…

So it’s been about a month since I posted the pattern for this blanket. And I haven’t added many rows (as I should have). I’ve been busy making other things as you do. So I thought I’d share where I’m up to with it. I’ll update the pattern with what colours to use for what rows soon. I get bored very easily and doing the same thing over and over does not help.

I am in the process of designing a CAL (crochet along) which I cannot wait to share with you.