Puff Swatch Stitch Tutorial

I have just uploaded a Youtube Tutorial on how I do my puff stitches and have 3 little swatches that you can join in a make along to try it. Here are the written instructions as I was unable to use brackets in my Youtube Description. Click the link to watch below. STITCHES USED IN VIDEO US TERMS (UK TERMS): Ch – Chain St/s – Stitch/es Sp/s – Space/s Sk – Skip Sc (dc) – Single crochet (double crochet) Dc (tr) – Double crochet (treble crochet) Puff 2 – (Yarn over, insert… Read More

The first post of 2021?

How is this possible? I have not blogged yet for 2021! But I kind of understand, because it’s been such a busy 2021 so far. All three boys are now in primary school (for the first and last time together ever). All four boys are now playing football (soccer). That’s a planning nightmare lol, but I do love watching them play. We got married in March. That was a biggie. I had four weeks to plan our wedding and make my dress. Which I did. More to follow below. I have released… Read More

It’s okay to take a break

When you see me posting on Instagram or Facebook, the first thing that probably comes to your head is obviously ‘crochet’! Well yes, that’s so true because I use ‘The Loopy Stitch’ as my platform/account to reach you. But did you know I also like to do other things? Seriously! haha crochet is such a big part of my life that does define a part of me, but not all of me. And it’s okay to take a break… I was listening to episode 3 of The Goal Digger Podcast yesterday and… Read More

Mindless Crochet: How to crochet an easy cowl without really thinking

Lately I’ve been finding it impossible to switch off at night time especially at bedtime. Ideas floating around in my head of what I could be making, or things that I need to get done around the house. It just doesn’t stop. I recently put up a post on my Instagram and Facebook page stating this problem and asking for advice and strategies that could help. The response was overwhelming. So many other women feeling just like myself. Why do we struggle to switch off? Why can’t we sleep and why do… Read More

A bit about what I’ve been doing…

Howdy doody! It’s me again… well obviously. I have this goal to post more often and if possible even regularly. But most of the time I feel as though I have nothing to say. And then as it turns out, once I get on a roll, I sometimes can’t shut myself up lol. (This could be due to the lack of adult interaction I have haha). So in saying all of this… I’m going to take baby steps to try and be more interactive and post more. Even if it it’s once… Read More

Yarn that I’m loving at the moment!

Some time last year, I purchased my first ever supply of DMC yarns. I have the DMC Natura Just Cotton (4 ply / fingering weight) and DMC Natura Just CHUNKY!! Since then, it’s been the main yarn on my hook. I love working with cotton, it would have to be my favourite type of yarn to work with without a doubt. The chunky yarn works up so quick and we all know that’s an added bonus, sometimes crocheting anything feels like it takes an eternity to do. But with this yarn it’s… Read More

Crochet Mandala A Day

Spring is here (in the Southern Hemisphere anyway) 😀 and what better way to celebrate than crochet a mandala every day for the month of September. This idea is the brainchild from Leah from Snakewood Designs.  She asked me the other day if I would like to join in and play as well. It’s like asking a chocaholic if they would like a piece of chocolate? Do they really need to give you an answer? So here we find ourselves making something beautiful from a simple idea. Which I would love to… Read More

Starting Stitch / Foundation Stitch

Joining Without Slip Stitch

Spinosa Square

I have a plan, a dream, a desire.  Call it what you will but I want to see this through till the end… if there ever is an end. I want to design different granny squares and then make one awesome blanket (or more) from all of them. So in saying that, here is the first one the ‘Spinosa Square’. I just have to make sure that I don’t run out of creativity juice, wishful thinking and I’m going to be positive. The squares will most likely be suited to different crochet… Read More