Mindless Crochet: How to crochet an easy cowl without really thinking

Lately I’ve been finding it impossible to switch off at night time especially at bedtime. Ideas floating around in my head of what I could be making, or things that I need to get done around the house. It just doesn’t stop. I recently put up a post on my Instagram and Facebook page stating this problem and asking for advice and strategies that could help. The response was overwhelming. So many other women feeling just like myself. Why do we struggle to switch off? Why can’t we sleep and why do… Read More

Spinosa Square

I have a plan, a dream, a desire.  Call it what you will but I want to see this through till the end… if there ever is an end. I want to design different granny squares and then make one awesome blanket (or more) from all of them. So in saying that, here is the first one the ‘Spinosa Square’. I just have to make sure that I don’t run out of creativity juice, wishful thinking and I’m going to be positive. The squares will most likely be suited to different crochet… Read More

Kaleidoscope Granny Square

As promised I’m trying to catch up with writing out my patterns in order to share them with you. Here is one I did today and I hope you like it, I really look forward to seeing the creations you come up with, all the different colour combinations, colours etc and what you actually make with the squares 😀 So here is the pattern: Materials: Yarn of your choosing (I used 8ply aka dk yarn and a 5mm hook) Corresponding hook size Scissors Yarn needle Notes: This pattern is written in US… Read More

Sunny Snowflake Pattern

Hey there! ‘Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la laa la la la laa, okay I don’t want to get too carried away. So with that in mind, I came up with a snowflake pattern and here it is… Materials: Crochet yarn of your choosing Hook size to correspond with yarn Scissors Yarn needle Blocking materials if wanting to block (something to pin snowflake to, pins, iron {or your method and materials for blocking}) Notes: This pattern is written in US terms. It is made up in rounds (not… Read More

Wheel of Hope Mandala Pattern

Here is my first mandala pattern. I think I have caught the bug making these beautiful designs. I already have another pattern in the works and hope to share that with you once it’s finished. So here it is… Materials: Your choice of yarn Appropriate size hook for yarn Scissors Yarn needle Notes: This mandala is made up by crocheting in rounds Each mandala will be finished in a different size, depending on what yarn and hook is used. This pattern is written in US terms with UK terms in brackets (… Read More

Crochet Minecraft Blanket Pattern

As promised here is the pattern for the Minecraft Blanket that I made my Mr A.  It’s an easy to pattern to follow as it’s just made up of placing the granny squares in the appropriate positions to get the picture you want to portray. And lucky for me, Minecraft is a pixel game made up of lots of squares, so a good starting point for my first ever granny square blanket. Minecraft Blanket Pattern: Materials: 5mm hook Yarn needle Scissors Yarn (see photo chart below) If you’re planning on blocking like… Read More

The Sunshine Cushion

Well here it is! My first blog post and free crochet pattern.  I’m usually not one for many words and when I do try to write, I feel that it either isn’t going to be good enough or I’m just rambling on. So keep this in mind for my blog. I prefer to let my photos do the talking. Last Monday whilst working on my current wips I thought I should make my mum a birthday present. Her favourite colour is blue and she needed something pretty, so I decided on a… Read More