Let’s have some fun!

2019 is the year for me to blog more! I simply cannot put it any other way. I’ve had this little blog now since 2016! Can you believe that. Soo I’m going to do more blog posts yay. They will be about crochet of course and how I actually find time to design and play with yarn whilst being a mum to three busy busy boys and also working a paid job etc. In saying that my time management skills will need a HUGE improvement hahah. SO (caps intended) to get the… Read More

Goodbye 2018

What a year it has been! I would like to first and foremost say a big THANK YOU to all of you for following me throughout 2018. It is seeing the creations that you make from my designs what makes me want to keep on coming up with new ones, aside from my brain not really stopping with all the possibilities that could be turned into crochet. Let’s go back to the start of the year (it’s ok, I’ll do a quick wrap-up of it) to where I decided designing a flower… Read More

Delicious Crochet Shawls – a review

When Lisa Cook asked me to be a part of her blog tour, I jumped at the opportunity, mainly because I love her work but because I knew it was going to be an amazing book, and I needed to get my hands on it stat. Well, I was right! And amazing book and the rest. It’s a bit different to Tuva’s other crochet books.  They layout is wonderful – so easy to follow along; the photography works very well, as I want to make at least one of everything and the… Read More

All aboard – Let’s go CROCHET CRUISING

Yes!!! You did read that correctly. There are such things as crochet cruises. Who would have thought!? Well not me until earlier this year when a fellow crocheter and owner of Crochet Australia departed on one in March. What’s not to love about a crochet cruise? Food, fresh air and serious time for crochet, all whilst surrounded by fellow hookers and beautiful views. So I’d say that’s a big win. The Celebrity Solstice is a 5 star cruise ship. Let me tell you a little bit about the cruise itself. In point-form… Read More

Jane’s Love – Pattern Out NOW

To buy this pattern CLICK HERE I don’t remember the exact day that I stumbled upon Jane from @queen_babs on Instagram. I was probably just doing the usually scroll and something bright and beautiful no doubt caught my eye. Most likely one of her famous yarn bombs, because now, when I think of Jane, I foremost think of her beautiful contagious smile and then all of the colourful crochet work she has does. Since then, our friendship via social media grew a little bit more with each comment and reply. To the… Read More

The Crochet Hook up – Taking over 365 days of Crochet Flowers

Some of you may have noticed that I’m no longer running the #365daysofcrochetflowers. It was a hard decision that had to be made.  I started off with a big plan and goal to make 365 flowers, basically one each day for the year. However, it took over my life. How? You ask, they are only small flowers? Well a lot is actually involved in designing and releasing a pattern no matter the size. I’d often leave designing the flower for the next day, the night before after the usual-busy day with my… Read More

Granny Square LOVE

Not too long ago I was asked by the UBER talented Shelley from Spincushions if I could make up a square from her upcoming new book, Granny Square Flair. Let me tell you how hard it was to choose ONE to make…I’ll put it into ways which I KNOW you’ll understand. Let’s set the scene. It’s just any other regular day and you receive this envelope in the mail. It’s addressed to you without the sender details or return address. You wonder what it could be. Slowly ripping it open, you notice it’s… Read More

Crate Crochet – May Box

Good morning! It’s been a while since I posted as I’ve been flat strap busy doing sneaky crochet among other things that take up time lol. So last week I revealed on Instagram that the pattern I have been working on will be in the May box from Crate Crochet. What is Crate Crochet I hear you ask? It’s a subscription to monthly boxes full of…. BEAUTIFUL YARN IN EVERY BOX! EXCLUSIVE FULL PRINTED PATTERNS CROCHET HOOK; TOOLS OR ACCESSORIES TREATS & SURPRISES ​EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO OUR PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP+ MONTHLY GIVEAWAYS… Read More

Wheel of Hope Mandala – Large

I often start my posts off with ‘Howdy Doody’ but the first thing that popped into my head today was ‘What a wonderful day today is’, so I’m going to begin with that. Not only is it William’s 2nd Birthday but I have finally released the pattern for the Wheel of Hope Mandala – woo hoo.😆  🎊  🎉 I can tick something off my list and it’s not even the end of the month yet, well I just beat it but that counts, right?📝 🤔 This pattern is based off my smaller Wheel of Hope… Read More

365days of Crochet Flowers

Why hello there! If you are following me on Instagram and on my Facebook page, you would have noticed me posting A LOT of flowers. Well, it’s almost been a whole month’s worth! Can you believe January is just about over? Looks like this year is going to follow suit like 2017 and fly by. It just hit me that I had posted the free patterns up for my #365daysofcrochetflowers, but never did a little blog up about them! Well 27 days late is better than never lol. If you’ve seen that… Read More