The Loopy Stitch Mexican Inspired Crochet Blanket

NOTE: This post has now been updated with the complete pattern. During the week I was asked by my fiance (don’t know why I don’t like using that word, sounds odd and posh to me lol), if I could make him a Mexican Blanket… so I googled and fell in love!!! They are absolutely amazing and the possibilities are endless. Colour, co lour, colour! We all know I love and may be obsessed with colour. I thought ‘Sweet!, A great way to use up all my yarn stash lying around’. So this… Read More

The Parterre Garden Granny Square

I’ve been a bit MIA lately! William finally arrived 6 days over due 🙂 He’s a very content and alert baby. I cannot believe how fast he is growing up. 7 weeks old already and quite a decent size. Love him to bits. I am enjoying every minute of it, even the ones when I swear I’m a zombie. Recently I published my first paid pattern on Ravelry, in over three years; The Parterre Garden Granny Square. It’s a beautiful square which I am aiming to make a blanket from, but as… Read More

Little Lacey Square

Good evening! As promised here is the pattern for my little lacey square. I’m only going to give instructions for the actual square and a border around it, joining it together is a little tricky for me to word so that will be another post (sorry, I’m not very good with describing how to do something I’m only new at). For these particular ‘squares’ in the photos, I used cotton and cotton blend yarn and a 4mm hook. Materials: – Yarn of your choice (I only used a very small amount of… Read More

Just another mandala

Just Another Mandala has been updated and brought to life lol. Well I’ve given her a new lease on life with a prettier edging. For the new mandala I used DMC Natura Just Cotton in 5 colours (I will get back to you on their names lol) and a 3.75mm hook, its finished size is 17cm without blocking. For the ‘older/original’ mandala, I used a cotton blend yarn and a 3mm hook. It measures approximately 5 3/4 inches or 15cm in diameter. Notes: – I use the standing stitch method for each… Read More

My Temperature Blanket 2016 Pattern

Happy New Year to you all. I hope it’s a wonderful year for everyone.  On new year’s eve I read a post about a temperature blanket and thought it sounded like a great idea. So I jumped on the band wagon and decided to make one for this year. Basically you make a blanket up according to the temperature of the day (derr lol), I decided to go with a low and high temp one as in Queensland it doesn’t get very cold during winter and my blanket would have been rather… Read More

Starting Stitch / Foundation Stitch

Joining Without Slip Stitch

Spinosa Square

I have a plan, a dream, a desire.  Call it what you will but I want to see this through till the end… if there ever is an end. I want to design different granny squares and then make one awesome blanket (or more) from all of them. So in saying that, here is the first one the ‘Spinosa Square’. I just have to make sure that I don’t run out of creativity juice, wishful thinking and I’m going to be positive. The squares will most likely be suited to different crochet… Read More

Kaleidoscope Granny Square

As promised I’m trying to catch up with writing out my patterns in order to share them with you. Here is one I did today and I hope you like it, I really look forward to seeing the creations you come up with, all the different colour combinations, colours etc and what you actually make with the squares 😀 So here is the pattern: Materials: Yarn of your choosing (I used 8ply aka dk yarn and a 5mm hook) Corresponding hook size Scissors Yarn needle Notes: This pattern is written in US… Read More

November, you flew by…

As we step into December steadily, please not too fast, I’d like to share with you what I got up to in November. I’m still so very new to this blog thing and quite frankly I do neglect it a bit, and still have no idea what I’m doing lol. As I prefer photos over my words, I will let the images do most of the talking. If you want to follow me more frequently than what I post here, you can do so on Instagram @theloopystitch is my account. So without… Read More