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So I had an impulse idea on NYE before I hit the hay at about 9pm lol (pretty adventurous for me lately). To crochet a flower a day for the entire year. Yep that’s also adventurous lol.  It didn’t come to me to do a different flower each day till day two though lol. So far we are about to enter the third week and I am loving every single flower.

I usually design the flower in bed the night before after a big day when my brain is quite drained. But some days you’ll notice when I pick up the hook first thing in the morning haha. I will try and keep most of the designs easy and simple, but there comes a time when you need to mix it up a bit and bring other stitches into it to flare it up.

All patterns of mine are written in English and in US (American) terms. I will try and include either a table of stitch conversions or the UK terms as well. Just depends how busy I am with my boys and home life.

For now or at least until I can edit this post, it will only include US terms. My plan is to have an album or post for each month so that you don’t get lost for where you are up to. I’ll have to remember how to work that out but as we are still in January I can get away with having it all here for you in the one spot.

Please note, I will not be naming every single flower, I have a hard enough time naming one design let alone 365 small ones hahahaha. Feel free to suggest some if something jumps out at you.

I am using my DMC Natura Just Cotton stash and a 3.5mm hook.

– Prussian (64)
– Star Light (27)
– Blue Jeans (26)
– Amaranto (33)
– Turquoise (49)
– Chartreuse (48)
– Bamboo (76)
– Bruique (86)
– Pistache (13)

UPDATE!!! I am trying to figure out how to have each month’s album here… it looks good at the back end but it’s not coming up when I look as you would.. SO until I figure it out and fix it I’ll leave you with the links πŸ™‚




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