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Good evening!
As promised here is the pattern for my little lacey square. I’m only going to give instructions for the actual square and a border around it, joining it together is a little tricky for me to word so that will be another post (sorry, I’m not very good with describing how to do something I’m only new at).

For these particular ‘squares’ in the photos, I used cotton and cotton blend yarn and a 4mm hook.

– Yarn of your choice (I only used a very small amount of colour for each square)
– Hook to go with yarn
– Scissors
– Yarn needle

– This pattern is written in US terms- Each square is worked in rounds, joining round with a slip stitch

– ch: Chain
– sc: single crochet
– dc: double crochet
– sl st: slip stitch- tr: treble
– picot: in this pattern the picot stitch is worked on the last round in between the treble stitches; 7tr, (ch5, sl st to top of last tr made) picot made, 7tr
-st: stitch
-jss: join with slip stitch


Pattern: (see version below this one for updated pattern used in the YouTube tutorial)

Round 1:
Make a magic ring, 8sc in ring, jss to 1st sc (8)

Round 2:
*Chain 3, sl st in next loop*, repeat around making 8 loops (8 loops)
Round 3:
Sl st into 1st ch st in 1st loop, sc in middle of loop, *ch5, sc in next loop*, repeat around and jss into top of sc made in round 2 (8 bigger loops)

Round 4:
Sl st into the 1st 3 ch sts made in 1st loop of round 3, sc in middle of loop, ch 4, sc in next loop, ch6, sc in next loop, *ch3, sc in next loop, ch6, sc in next loop*, repeat around 3 more times and jss to 1st sc made instead of making a sc. (Now there should be 4 obvious corners and 4 middle loops in between – you need to pull it out into the shape of a square with four fingers to see it in a square shape though, hope that part makes sense)

Round 5:
Sl st into the 1st 2 ch sts made in 1st loop of round 4, sc in same loop, *(7tr, picot, 7tr) in next loop, sc in next loop*, repeat around and finish with a jss instead of a sc into the 1st sc made in this round. (4 pretty loopy things)

This pattern has been written by myself by looking at the little lacey square, and whilst continually trying to put Mr 3 yr old back to bed time after time. I apologise if there are any errors in advance. Now for the little border, which I usually do in the colour I want to join these ‘squares’ together with.


YouTube Version: Watch here

Make MR or ch 5, join to first ch to form ring.

Rnd 1: Make 8 sc in ring, join with sl st to first sc made. <8 sc>

Rnd 2: (Ch 3, sl st in next st) 7 times, for last ch 3, replace by making ch 1, dc into same st as first sl st (this will take you to the correct starting point for Rnd 3, without having to sl st in ch-sts), <7 ch-3 sp, 7 sl st, 1 ch 1, 1 dc>

Rnd 3: Sc over dc join, (ch 5, sc in ch-3 sp) 7 times, for last ch 5, replace by making ch 2, dc into first sc made. <7 ch-5 sp, 7 sl st, 1 ch-2 sp, 1 dc>

Rnd 4: Sc over dc join, ch 3, sc in next ch-5 sp, ch 6, (sc in next ch-5 sp, ch 3, sc in next ch-5 sp) around, join with sl st to first sc made. <4 ch-3 sp, 4 ch-6 sp, 8 sc>

Rnd 5: Sl st in first two ch-sts of ch-3 made in prev rnd, (sc in ch-3 sp, (7 tr, picot 5, 7 tr) in ch-6 sp) around, join to first sc made with either sl st or invisible join. <4 sc, 4 picot 5, 56 tr>


Grab the yarn you want to use to join these squares with, or any colour you like, start by making a *sc in any little picot st made in round 5, ch4, sk 3 sts and sc into the middle tr st (count 4 sts from either end), ch4, sc into sc of round 5, ch4, sc into 4th tr st, ch4, sc into picot st, ch6, sc into other side of picot st (you make a little border around the picot, so there will be 2sc in each picot st)*, repeat around by finishing with a sc, ch6, jss into the very 1st picot st you started in. Ta daaa finito.

Adding a little border:

When I join these squares together, I usually start with one completed border on a square, then grab another square that needs to be joined (no border) and join it to the 1st one. This is where I get all mumble jumbled and cannot describe it properly. I know that there is probably a link out there in web-land or youtube world. But I cannot remember what kind of join it is. I’ll attach a photo of my cushion as well so you can see what I mean.


I hope to find the right words for joining these together, but I’m sure in the mean time you’ll have fun making these gorgeous little squares. Please remember that if you use Instagram and have a public account (I can’t see it if it’s private) hashtag #littlelaceysquare #theloopystitch so I can see your beautiful creations.

Have a lovely night, I’m off to have a lavendar bath and enjoy the quiet time now that both kids are asleep. Winning 😀 xo

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