Patterns to buy

Here you will find the links to buy my crochet patterns.  A lot of my time has gone into designing, photographing, editing, writing, putting it altogether, every pattern I make, whether it be free or paid for. I don’t ask for much for the patterns and the money I make from them, lets me be able to create more free and paid for patterns. Like a nice little crochet cycle. My dream one day is to publish a book full of crochet patterns. And maybe own a yarn shop 😉 I hope you enjoy my patterns, happy crocheting.

Jane’s Love

CLICK HERE FOR THE PATTERN I don’t remember the exact day that I stumbled upon Jane from @queen_babs on Instagram. I was probably just doing the usually scroll and something bright and beautiful no doubt caught my eye. Most likely one of her famous yarn bombs, because now, when I think of Jane, I foremost … Continue reading Jane’s Love


Please click the link to buy my Crossroads pattern