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I don’t remember the exact day that I stumbled upon Jane from @queen_babs on Instagram. I was probably just doing the usually scroll and something bright and beautiful no doubt caught my eye. Most likely one of her famous yarn bombs, because now, when I think of Jane, I foremost think of her beautiful contagious smile and then all of the colourful crochet work she has does.

Since then, our friendship via social media grew a little bit more with each comment and reply. To the point where I wanted to help Jane. If you don’t follow Jane or know a little bit about her, then here’s a bit of a background for you.

Jane lives with, and raises awareness about chronic illness. She needs a special chair and mobility equipment to help live and do everyday things.  Jane decided to raise funds by selling her patterns. The first one being the Lovebomb Christmas Ornament pattern.  A sweet pattern that can be made up in no time with endless colour possibilities. From there other patterns grew to which there is now four to choose from.


So last month an idea lit up in my brain. I wasn’t creating much at the time and had previously mentioned to Jane that I would love to design a pattern to help her reach (and hopefully smash) her goals.

Let me introduce to you ‘Jane’s Love’. A granny square pattern with so many possibilities; blankets, cushions, wall-hangings, even placemats. I like to think of Jane being the middle heart and we, the crochet community being the other hearts surrounding her with love and support. And the crochet in between, well that’s obviously all the glue that links us CROCHET haha.


I cannot wait to see this pattern worked up in every which way imaginable. Are you going to make the centre pop, or focus on the hearts? Will you make it in rainbow colours or colours that mean something to you? When you do make it PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use the hashtag #crochetjaneslove and #janeslove so that everyone can see it.

I want to leave you with a little snippet from one of Jane’s recent posts:

“Emily has designed this square to help raise funds for my wheelchair and mobility equipment. Maybe you are wondering why this is all happening. Everyone who has shown such support and friendship by buying my patterns has my utmost gratitude.
I decided to try to raise money myself when I couldn’t get any help via disability and illness agencies who are overstretched, overworked and underfunded and are being SHUT DOWN as NDIS supposedly takes over.
Even though I applied to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) ages ago, I am still waiting for a response. Luckily EnableNSW has stepped in to lend some assistance in the short term. Most programs are for over 65s and as I am only turning 52 in July, it would be a LONG wait.
This community continues to inspire me. Even in a rough week like this one, I have friends who care and that makes a big difference.
Thank you all for your support, friendship, kindness, likes and comments and for being part of my life. You are loved.”

So in Jane’s own words..
Kindness, creativity and community are the best! – Jane AKA Queen Babs

Please support Jane by purchasing a copy of this pattern. I’ll definitely be splashing it everywhere once it’s LIVE.

Thanks for being amazing and let’s help Jane

Much Love,
Em xo


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