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I am so lucky to have such wonderful testers who usually are available at the drop of a hook ;).  This is a little thank you to them as well as informing you of their colour choices and brands.

Courtney, Natasha, Jess and Narelle were my amazing testers for this crochet-along and they made outstanding pieces, all so individual. This is the beauty of crochet and yarn; making something in your own colours or following the recommended ones, they will still be individual and unique. I’ll go in order of being mentioned above to keep things smooth-flowing.

First up we have Courtney and her amazing piece. Now if you follow her you know she has a big stash and her yarn comes from all over the world so she usually ends up using left over bits from her stash.  (Please note that the table in each part is written as their original names not the Stylecraft ones) She used a 5mm hook and 18 inch ring.

So here are the colours in Stylecraft Special DK (as close as possible):
Citron, Cream, Duck Egg, Teal, Sage, Aspen, Empire, Turquoise, Sherbet and Petrol.

Secondly we have Natasha and her two gorgeous pieces. Natasha made the white one for her daughter’s birthday present and I think it’s beautiful, even though it was finished at the end of part 2/very start of part 3. I also managed to get another rainbow test piece out of her… hehe she’s doesn’t normally do rainbows, but I think it looks gorgeous. She used Dingo Dye Yarn Rainbow Minis 20g/80m in the following colours:
9g purple – 36m
10g blue – 40m
10g green – 40m
6g yellow – 24m
3g red – 12m
5g white – 16.5m
Total – 43g-168.5m
3mm hook, 3.5mm hook for attching to ring.
300mm metal ring

We then have Jess who made a stunning piece using Mislet and Dandielle yarn in Taupe, Blue Willow, Warm Pink and Sunlight. I love these colours together. She also recommends using a smaller ring size as she used the 400mm and a 4mm hook for her piece. The yarn didn’t stretch too much, so she personally thinks maybe using a stretchier yarn would be better for this project.

And Narelle made her Connie using 4ply Bella Baby cotton/silk approximately 80g, a
3mm hook and a 350mm ring. The one colour is also just as beautiful as the different coloured ones and makes some stitches and patterns in it stand out even more. This colour is just divine!

So thank you again to all of my testers. I am so very lucky to have you in my team. Till the next pattern xoxo

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