Concussion and crochet

Sooo I have an ongoing concussion, insert lots and lots of sobbing. I know it’s crazy! I slipped on the weekend and hit my head hard on the tiles. I went back to the doctors yesterday and I am not allowed to crochet till I am better, whenever that will be…. I also have to rest and not concentrate…. bit hard with 3 kids under 7. I am trying my best but going a little, okay a lot stir crazy. A crochet addict not able to crochet arghhhhhh. 

So in the mean time, till I can hook again I will be thinking of all the wonderful things crochet related. No doubt there will be a lot because I can’t hook. 

Here is what I have been up to until the weekend… hope you like it as much as I. 

I started my first ever neat ripple blanket. Pattern by the lovely Lucy from Attic24. If you haven’t checked her out then you must. Go now right now. Well maybe after you’ve read this post. 

I am using Bendigo Woollen Mills 8 ply cotton. And if you haven’t ordered any yarn from then you must. Such beautiful quality and the colours in the ranges are amazing. 

Yes you see it right. Yarn glorious yarn! DMC Natura Cotton to be more precise. I was having a play with it the morning I hit my head. It has a beautiful texture and the stitch definition is amazing. And the colours available …. oh my goodness. So many to choose from. Yarn heaven at its best. This was my birthday present to myself, the best kinda present. I ordered it from Love Crochet. 

I also started playing with the DMC Natura XL. Then my Constance Hall book arrived. Worth the wait. If you haven’t checked her out, you must (I see a pattern forming here) like seriously, this amazing woman is such an inspiration. Tells it as it is, like we all think but either refrain from saying or filter it before it comes out of our mouths. She’s on Instagram, Facebook and her blog, just click the link. 

You know sometimes you can get the sense knocked into you. It’s true! Like whenI hit my head. It was hard and I got a whole lotta crojo smack-banged right in there. This is what happens when crojo comes at you when suffering a concussion. I made this before I got told crocheting was a BIG no-no. Needless to say it’s now made it to my wips pile. And it will stay  there with all my other wips (at least they can keep each other company) until I’m all good and well again. 

Thanks for reading! Oh and about my crochet along…. I obviously can’t add anything just yet. I will as soon as I can. Happy Hooking xoxo


6 Comments on “Concussion and crochet

  1. It happened to me I was knocked out weeks ago I had a cricket size ball on my head.I somehow slipped on our tiles in the bathroom .I still don’t know how.I don’t know how long I was unconscious but I got back Ito bed at 4.30 am .I am only writing this to you as I still haven’t got over it completely so take it easy .I had all the X-rays etc but still not 100% Take care it’s hard with little ones .Mine are all grown now Sandra

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  3. How long did it take you to be able to crochet again after the concussion? It’s been two months in my case since the accident and I still cannot crochet or read for a long time! Thank you


    • Oh no Joanne, I’m so sorry to hear that. I think it was within two months. I would not push it though, sounds like you’re still recovering. Can you go back to the drs for an update?


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