Resilience In Bloom

Resilience In Bloom

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If you have purchased the pattern via Etsy prior to 9 January 2021, please send me an email to so I can send you the updated version.

Don’t fear! It doesn’t stop you making the pattern, the butterfly chart had an extra two stitches and also the colour order in the colour table for a motif was incorrect. Everything else in the pattern is as is, and you can still work from the original. (see below for the updated colour table if you don’t want to email me).

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Sunday 10 January 2021 Update

It still feels weird to write or type 2021 lol.

If you purchased the pattern from Etsy prior to the 9 January 2021 Australia Eastern Standard Time, you will need to send me an email if you require the updated pattern.

The butterfly chart has been amended by removing two sneaky stitches and also the colour table was corrected as there was an incorrect colour number in Row 4, Motif 4.

This brings me to now. I’ve seen a couple of people having a hard time trying to work out the colour table.

Let me break it down for you.

On page 5 in the patter, the colours used are assigned to a colour number.

Then each motif and row are assigned colour numbers using the above.

Let’s use a row as an example… I’ll find a photo that will work

Ok so keep in mind the blanket is upside down… So Row 1 starts with the red row of flower and butterfly motifs on the right hand side of the blanket.

Let’s work on row 2.

And because the blanket is upside down, you will work from the right side to the left in order of motifs.

Row 2 – Motif 2

If you’re following the exactly colour order of my blanket, you will notice that rounds 1,2 and 7 are used using the C1 in the written parts of the pattern. Here in the table They aren’t referred to at all, this was purely to have the table with as least data as possible. Trust me, there was no real other way of doing a layout other than a table, that didn’t take up too much room or confuse you even more.

So the contrasting colours used in rounds 3 – 6 are numbered as 1 – 4.
Motifs are numbered in order such as M1 (motif 1), M2, (motif 2) etc. as they are placed in order 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Let’s look at row 2 now.

Motif 1

Motif 1 asks for colours in order of 2, 3, 4, and 6.

So make your motif using C1 in the first 2 rounds, then use the following:

Round 3: Using colour 2

Round 4: Using colour 3

Round 5: Using colour 4

Round 6: Using colour 6

Then you will join using C1 again (if you are joining as you go).

Motif 2:

Round 1-2: C1

Round 3: C5

Round 4: C4

Round 5: C3

Round 6: C2

Round 7: C1 for joining

Keep working along row 2 yourself to see if you can work what numbers go where.

I really hope this information helps you.

Happy Hooking!

Much love,
Em xxx

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