I’m very honoured to share with you my very first CAL. A few weeks ago I drew the start of a mandala and tried to crochet it the best I could. It just grew and grew and out of it, Connie’s Ray of Hope was born.  The day that I finished making it, an angel grew her wings and wasn’t in anymore pain. Connie Johnson, a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend and inspiration passed after her third battle with cancer. (Click here to read more about Connie.)

I was a late arrival to join the villages of Love Your Sister, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t moved as much as others or inspired to do better with every day life. Reading the posts by her brother Samuel, usually put things back into perspective for me and made me pop  my ‘taking it for granted’ bubble I didn’t realise I was living in.

Cancer affects nearly everyone in the world. It sucks and I wish it didn’t exist.  It can make you question your beliefs, your way of life and what is important to you. I don’t speak first hand in this matter but I feel that through Sam’s posts and Connie’s messages I was able to be a part of it and in return show my support.

So Connie’s Ray of Hope isn’t just a crochet-along. It’s about a group of ‘villages’ coming together to make something special and at the same time bring awareness of not only breast cancer, but all cancers and make sure we are looking after ourselves.

I’m running this CAL for free with the hope that you will be able to donate some money raise funds for cancer research (a minimum of $2 can help make a difference) AND that you check your boobs (follow this link to see how) no matter who you are. So really paying $2 for a CAL that raises awareness about cancer and looking after yourself isn’t that bad.

So for those of you with social media such as Instagram and Facebook where you can share your creations, I urge you to please use the hashtags #conniesrayofhope and #loveyoursister #cancersucks. This way others can follow you and join in on your journey of making something special.

In the next few days I will be posting about information about the CAL, the yarn and rings you’ll need and what’s what with stitches etc. At this rate, I’m aiming for an approximate start of the CAL in late October, to make sure that everyone can get the yarn and rings in time.

Till then, check your boobs and look after yourself. (PATTERN LINKS ARE BELOW)
Much love,
Em xoxo


CAL Links and Information

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