Floral Dreams

For me, as a crochet designer I tend to have favourites... I know this isn't probably how you should look at your own designs (they kind of feel like my own children - I don't have an overall favourite, I just have a favourite at that particular moment in time, like 'Oh wow Charlie is … Continue reading Floral Dreams

Sharing the love

I've decided to start sharing fellow crochet designers and makers and to spread their beautiful work, because if you're like me, you love just looking at all things crochet! This post is going to contain three beautiful fellow crocheters, but usually I think I'll do one person per post. I hope you (well I know … Continue reading Sharing the love

Something new

Hello my beautiful followers and those who just love to crochet 😀 If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you would have just seen a post with something colourful, loopy and minimal. Basically me in a logo really. After some consideration and not really liking any of the other logos I designed, I thought … Continue reading Something new