Cora Baby Blanket by Spin A Yarn 32

Look how amazing this blanket is that Courtney made with my Cora Granny Square pattern.

Yes! Courtney has finished her blanket and has made the pattern available! Woo hooooo. It’s such a stunning blanket I’m going to let the photos do all the talking in this post.

But quickly, I just want to say a massive thank you to Courtney from Spin A Yarn 32 for sharing this pattern with everyone who purchases the Cora Granny Square from Ravelry. (It’s a freebie too) I have seen so many comments on this beautiful blanket so I’m sure I’ll see many more of these gorgeous blankets popping up on social media.


Now I’m sure you see why I love this blanket so much. Can you imagine the possibilities? What would you make Cora into? Have you been bitten by the inspiration bug? I hear it’s contagious too 😆.

Happy Hooking,
Much love,
Em xoxo

13 Comments on “Cora Baby Blanket by Spin A Yarn 32

  1. Hello….It states here that this lovely pattern is a Freebie too, but when I’m redirected to the pattern site, it is not free??


    • So it is.
      It may be that the pattern originally was free back in 2017 when this article was posted.


    • HI Diane, can you please tell me where it states that it’s a free pattern for my information? I’ve always sold Cora for a price and then you get the free blanket design from Courtney as ad added bonus. Is that what you’re referring to maybe? 🙂 Please let me know.


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