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I had the crazy idea of designing a cushion from four beautiful colours. However, like most things I make, they never seem to come to life exactly as I visualise them. I couldn’t come up with anything last night, just sat on the lounge and kept frogging square after square. I gave in and went to bed, hoping for either a design to come to me in my dreams or a burst of creativity to hit me first thing in the morning.


Neither happened. I wasn’t feeling it this morning. So just sat there fiddling around with my yarn and hook at 5am. Diamonds! It came to me. Something with geometric shapes and contrasting colours.  Colours I already had so I could cross that off my list. Next was to crochet diamonds into my cushion.


I did just that and decided it would look pretty good if I changed the colour of the diamonds, so that there were two halves from different colours. I finished four of them and didn’t really like it. But didn’t want to frog it again either as it was nearing 7am and I wasn’t going to start all over again.

Why not add more diamonds in the reverse colour combo? Yes that’s what I would do. So finished side number one, the diamond side and started the ‘traditional’ granny square pattern side before leaving for school pick up.


I was almost finished yippee. The end was in sight. My hand was hurting from using a slightly different technique to crochet over the yarn that was carried in the diamond side. Anyhow, I knew I wanted to finish the cushion before the light outside was gone so I could get a decent photo. And just after 5pm I did just that. Relief had taken over me as I took the cushion and chair outside to photograph.  I had won against myself and beaten the daylight lol. Yay.

So the next time I’d make this style cushion I would probably block the panels first, as I am not a fan of the twisting look you get from the stitches leaning more to the left. But hey, it’s handmade isn’t it. Perfection is something that cannot be achieved in some circumstances, but I certainly do strive to achieve it anyway.


So ta daa there it is. The cushion I started and finished in a day. Pretty happy that I accomplished what I set out to do. Now to start a new project or continue my wips. Not sure.  Oooh I’ll have to share with you the finished rainbow hexagon blanket… that was done and dusted yesterday and such a relief as Mr C was finally able to get the answer to his repeated question: “Is my blankey finished yet?”….

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