The Loopy Stitch Mexican Inspired Crochet Blanket

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The Loopy Stitch Mexican Inspired Crochet Blanket

NOTE: This post has now been updated with the complete pattern.

During the week I was asked by my fiance (don’t know why I don’t like using that word, sounds odd and posh to me lol), if I could make him a Mexican Blanket… so I googled and fell in love!!! They are absolutely amazing and the possibilities are endless. Colour, co

lour, colour! We all know I love and may be obsessed with colour. I thought ‘Sweet!, A great way to use up all my yarn stash lying around’.


So this pattern is super simple. You only need to know two stitches, single crochet and chain (US terms). If you can do those, then you can master this blanket. The stitch is known by a few names such as, moss stitch, linen stitch, or woven stitch. That’s all I know of anyway.

Here’s the simple pattern: (this is what mine is pictured above)

I am using a total of 16 colours in 8ply/dk and a 4mm hook. The blanket is 125cm/49 inches wide. I have found as I crochet more and more rows the tighter the blanket gets. It is easily stretched to the one size. The finished blanket measures 205x125cm.

Yarn: I used yarn that was in my stash at the time. Marvel Four Seasons from Spotlight, and Carnival from Big W, both in 8 ply. I do not know the exact names of each.

Tension: 10cm x 10cm = 20 rows and 22 stitches (sc and ch counts as one st each).

Amount of colours

Use a 4mm hook, or larger if needed for the first row.

Row 1: Using any colour, chain 248, sc into the 3rd ch from hook, *ch1, skip stitch, sc in next*, repeat all the way to the end .

Row 2-?: (entirely up to you on colour changes), ch2, turn, sc in first ch sp, *ch1, sc in next sp (space)*, repeat all the way to the end, ch1, sc in between the last sc and ch2 from previous row.

You just keep repeating row 2 over and over until you have the desired length or look you’re going for. I personally change colours whilst make the last sc of one colour, before starting the next.

Here’s how I colour change: with colour that you are finishing up with, insert hook in sp, yarn over and draw through (2 loops on hook), let go of that colour and pick up the next colour, finish the sc by putting the yarn over and pull through, ch 2, turn, etc. I then crocheted in both tails about 3 inches/8cm BUT I wouldn’t recommend this as it stretches the blanket on the ends.  Weave in after crocheting is complete.


Colours and Rows Table

It was a tedious blanket to make only due to how repetitive it is.  Easy to crochet and watch Netflix at the same time 😉 After I finished crocheting, I blocked the blanket to give it a nice and even appearance  (it was a bit stretched on the ends due to crocheting over the ends as I went, which I do not recommend).

So here it is in all it’s glory! I love it. And I know it will keep Daddy aka hubby-to-be warm during Winter.



As usual, I would love to see what you make! So pretty please use the hashtag #crochetmexicanblanket if on Instagram.  I look forward to seeing what you create! Happy crocheting  xoxox

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