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Wheel of Hope Mandala – Large

I often start my posts off with ‘Howdy Doody’ but the first thing that popped into my head today was ‘What a wonderful day today is’, so I’m going to begin with that. Not only is it William’s 2nd Birthday but I have finally released the pattern for the Wheel of Hope Mandala – woo hoo.😆  🎊  🎉

I can tick something off my list and it’s not even the end of the month yet, well I just beat it but that counts, right?📝 🤔

This pattern is based off my smaller Wheel of Hope Mandala, but with the added rounds there are now more possibilities of what you can turn it into. I would love to see it made as a rug! Or a table centrepiece using chunky yarn, or maybe even attached to a hoop and added to a wall….how awesome is crochet, many uses from one single pattern.

So to celebrate the release of this pattern, I have decided to have a little special where you can save $1. I know it’s only one dollar, but it does add up over time. And why not keep it to add to your stash fund I know you have.

Here is the link to Ravelry.

WOHL Pattern

This pattern can be used in many colours! I can just see an ombre one hung on a wall now 😮.  Have fun playing around and see what you like best.

I hope to see your beautiful creations on social media platforms so please use the hashtag #wheelofhopemandala and make it a Project in Ravelry.

Happy Hook,
Much Love,
Em xo😘



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